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  • Sfer Sfer Feb 20, 2009 17:38 Flag

    What does Redknapp think his doing!

    I can't beleive some of the postings on here! Yes of course its frustrating and yes of course we would all love to win EUFA and CC but for Gods sake get real boys and girls.

    It is not Arry's fault we are in the mess we are in and he knows that PL survival is 10 times more important than either of those so he is doing what he thinks is best to acheive that. What would you prefer - the short term ecstacy of a EUFA or CC win or PL survival?

    If Arry keeps us in the PL I for one will be very grateful after the mess that Ramos and Commolli left us in but I can gurantee there will be some so called fans on here that will be bleating and calling for Arry to be sacked cos we lost in the cups. How soon we forget just how bad the situation was just a few short weeks ago.

    Lighten up guys and get behind Arry and the team. Forget glory and concentrate on survival........until next year!!!