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    What does Redknapp think his doing!

    He must have some ulterior motive - for fielding a weakened team!

    He say's that our priority must be the league - does that mean that the Carling Cup must also come pretty low down his list of priorities as well - if that is truly the case then I have to ask myself if I have wasted my money getting a ticket just to see Spurs get spanked at Wembley...

    Huh! it just does not make any sense to me!!

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    • I know it's frustrating but simple really, the next three games will probably decide our fate in EPL.

      Harry wants his best players fit for the battle. Fcuk the cups this year.....I don't want to be watching championship footie next year, and neither to you.

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      • B2S,

        I also think we need to win in the EPL.. but any wins regardless of them being UEFA cup games, Carling Cup games breed confidence in the players and give us supporters some hope that this season would not be just another mediocre one to forget!

        Even if we were to win our next 3 games, we may survive but with HR's negative tactics we will just find ourselves becoming just another Bolton, Blackburn or Middlesbrough - not good enough to go down, but not good enough to challange for any of the games honours!

        I feel we have been out in the cold for far too long now - even the Hammers will have a better chance of euro qualification then we have..my good these are bleak times indeed!

      • C'mon lads - chin up - things aren't that bad are they?

    • Supporting RAMBRO, I strongly believe Harry's tactic is disillusionary.
      I mean, why should a top class manager make so much noise about how the EPL is the priority, and how a weakened team will play the UEFA to save some legs for the Hull match.

      This is not inspiring to the players.
      How can a player walk into the field for a crucial match, but yet at the back of his mind knows he only needs do his bit - afterall the boss says it's not that bad if we lose.

      On hearing this sort of news, the opposition will come out firing (as they did last night) and within minutes will confirm this guys truly are here for the taking!

      Harry also did same in our FA tie with ManC.

      Surely, and despite any short comings on your side, a top class manager should be a ble to strike fear into both his players and the opposing team, through various concivable methods - including "exagerated" interviews about your team's capability.

      That's the difference between Sir Alex and Mr. Harry!

    • I can't beleive some of the postings on here! Yes of course its frustrating and yes of course we would all love to win EUFA and CC but for Gods sake get real boys and girls.

      It is not Arry's fault we are in the mess we are in and he knows that PL survival is 10 times more important than either of those so he is doing what he thinks is best to acheive that. What would you prefer - the short term ecstacy of a EUFA or CC win or PL survival?

      If Arry keeps us in the PL I for one will be very grateful after the mess that Ramos and Commolli left us in but I can gurantee there will be some so called fans on here that will be bleating and calling for Arry to be sacked cos we lost in the cups. How soon we forget just how bad the situation was just a few short weeks ago.

      Lighten up guys and get behind Arry and the team. Forget glory and concentrate on survival........until next year!!!

    • I agree with the view that Premiership Survival is the most important thing this season. I don't think the players will be lacking in confidence because of last night because they know that Survival is paramount. Harry has been refreshingly honest about what his priority is and the players all know this too. I am sure that they will be well up for the PL games because "Arry will make sure of it. Have faith fellow Spurs! I would rather be inthe PL than win all the cups in the world. COYS!