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  • Sfer Sfer Feb 20, 2009 04:44 Flag

    Gomes breaks jaw!

    No I didn't mean during the game...I am predicting what will happen if I ever meet the cheating f£$%ing T0$$er in the flesh.

    If Arry ever puts that w$nker in a Spurs shirt again I will..............lose my rag!!!!!!!!

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    • when i first saw it i thought he was caught by the scorers elbow, but he wasn't touched, did anyone notice at the end when he was sitting on the ground rubbing his jaw, he had sneaky eyed look at the screen? crafty tosser, get rid, the sooner the better 'arry ;-)

    • I will hold my hands up and admit I was (a bit) wrong about senor Gomes. I've always though he was a decent shot stopper but he's also a clown and we dont need one of those at the back.
      Remember Bartez at ManU when he used to let goals in? Similar shenanigans are not welcome in English football. I mentioned on another thread it might be a Brazilian trait......Rivaldo and Dida are prime examples. Do they forget there will be slow motion TV replays?
      Anyway Gomes has had plenty of chances to show what he is capable of and sadlly for us he seems capable mostly of mistakes and attempts to cheat! Am I being harsh? Well maybe but seeing as I stood up for him earlier in the season I think he's had his chance with me.........FAILED..........NEXT!

    • Nice one Sfer.

    • Don't just blame Gomes. He didn't seem to have much choice when faced with three opponents in front of him and not a Spurs defender in sight. Shame, because Dawson and Thudd had good games.

      Always set pieces late in the Game.... Sort it out Harry.

      Mind you... I think Gomes feigning injury was because he knows his number will be up in the summer.

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      • Its not the goal so much, I think the defenders should have done better, its the way he feigned injury when everybody could see he was hardly touched.

        I was ashamed to be a Spurs supporter and see such childish and pathetic behaviour. If Arry does get rid of him, and I certainly hope he does after tonights performance, he will only have himself to blame.

        We are very quick to point out such appalling behaviour when teams like Ar$e do it so we should be happy to disown it when idiots like Gomes do it.