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  • I think that the results and performances this season prove that we didn't have the squad to perform well in all the competitions. We may have a better squad now but they will take a little while to gel and there will be additions in the summer. Let's just stay in the premiership and build for the future. If you look at what 'Arry did at portsmouth...it took him a while but he build a good squad eventually. I think patience is what we need in the situation we are in.

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    • Don't get me wrong - staying in the EPL has got to be the prime concern.
      It just amazes me that we always look to 'next season' - and now, the expectations for next season are minimal. Whereas two/three seasons back we were a hair's breadth away from CL football.

      What I'm getting at, is that if the 'squad' isn't good enough, then that must imply wholesale changes - so next season will be 'another' season of change - and by then 'arry will be retiring, and Levy will lose patience anyway and bring in Graham Roberts as manager - Graham will then blame the squad and will sell 50% of it and bring in another 15 players costing £200m with the expectation that they will achieve something 'next season'.... ;-)

      It's like Groundhog day......

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      • Lot's of sympathy for your view John but lets remember this is not Arry's making. Technically we should, given the vast sums of money we have spent, have a squad big enough (and good enough by the way!) to cope but the sad fact is we don't and that is down to Ramos and more importantly Commolli.

        We are where we are and we have to make the most of it. Personally, as frustrated as I am, I think Arry is right to do what he is doing. PL survival is paramount so if that means fielding youngsters in the cups to try and make sure our best players can wins us poiints then so be it. I will suffer the cup losses in pain and put my faith in Arry.

        Shoot Gomes by the way....

      • I see your point John.....It's been a revolving door at WHL for a while now. I think Levy is fickle to say the least. I agree it would be great to see some stability and continuity at the Lane. The one thing I would say is that we have to give 'Arry a throw of the dice in the summer...he may well get rid of half the squad etc but he needs to have that chance otherwise we will not see what he is capable of. I'm going to give it one more year but if you catch me saying the same thing this time next year feel free to remind me of this conversation (I would say shoot me but I will have probably done that to myself if it happens again!) :0).