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  • Sfer,
    But my start point wasn't what I believe, but what 'arry appears to believe.

    I said originally that I didn't believe that the squad was that poor that it couldn't compete. I don't want to believe that either, as if I do, it means another round of purchases.

    I really think the squad ***should*** be able to compete for 3 or 4 competitions. I really think (apart from the deficiencies pointed out earlier) that the squad has some flair - it just lacks a couple of players - and maybe Palacios covers my midfield fighter. So a central defender (who can play week in/out) and a left winger.

    My start point was that 'arry obviously doesn't think the squad is good enough. ORRRRRR maybe he was so seriously worried about the state of the pitch last night, that he decided to 'rest' a couple of players.

    If that squad isn't capable of beating half the teams in the EPL (home and away - ie 54 points ish) and beating teams like Shaktar, then I give up.

    As I say, just go back to the start of the season - most of us would have expected a top 10 place with that squad - and possible a top 6 had RK/DB not gone. I just still believe those players can do it - they just haven't gelled - so, Hull away? Yes, I would expect a win.

    They show some flashes, but just can't get that winning streak going.