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  • What I don't follow is:

    We (THFC) try as hard as they can to build a squad by spending millions and to use that squad to compete in as many competions as possible - but when we actually stay in a competion, we then use a second string team. Our goal has been UEFA / CL football - then we get it, and try our hardest to blow it.

    Fair enough, last night we had inelligible players, injuries etc. But it does seem that 'arry is just saying (and given that he brought back Daffy, Keane, Chim) that we don't have a squad that can compete on 3 levels. I honestly can't believe that. I can't believe that £n00 million pounds over 3-4 seasons and we haven't got a squad that is fit to compete in 10 competitions, let alone 3. So where does that leave us? Simply fighting relegation? That's what it seems - as how do we achieve Europe next season? Beat Utd? Win the UEFA?

    So with all that spent, we only have a squad (not just a team) that is good enough to fight on one front at a time and that front is a relegation battle?

    Where has it all gone wrong? Two season's back, we looked good. We had a strong squad. Cover in most positions (forget the left). Now we have cover everywhere, but 'arry seems to think that none of them are good enough.

    Just hope its just a geling issue, and its not a case of wholesale changes in the summer again.

    We have 3 keepers, 11 (12 incl youth) defenders, 9 (12 incl youth) midfielders and 6 (7 incl youth) strikers - according to the Spurs pages - 29 profs (34 including 'youth'). Nearly 3 full teams. Scary.

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    • I think that the results and performances this season prove that we didn't have the squad to perform well in all the competitions. We may have a better squad now but they will take a little while to gel and there will be additions in the summer. Let's just stay in the premiership and build for the future. If you look at what 'Arry did at portsmouth...it took him a while but he build a good squad eventually. I think patience is what we need in the situation we are in.

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      • Don't get me wrong - staying in the EPL has got to be the prime concern.
        It just amazes me that we always look to 'next season' - and now, the expectations for next season are minimal. Whereas two/three seasons back we were a hair's breadth away from CL football.

        What I'm getting at, is that if the 'squad' isn't good enough, then that must imply wholesale changes - so next season will be 'another' season of change - and by then 'arry will be retiring, and Levy will lose patience anyway and bring in Graham Roberts as manager - Graham will then blame the squad and will sell 50% of it and bring in another 15 players costing £200m with the expectation that they will achieve something 'next season'.... ;-)

        It's like Groundhog day......

    • The only worry that I have is that managers at Spurs become 'different' - now that 'arry has the money will he fall into that age old trap of 'because it costs a lot, it has to be good' - or as me old mate Hans C A used to say '...the Emperor's clothes...'.

      I go back though, Bent/Bentley/RK/Daffy/Berbatov didn't price themselves, so they can't be blamed for the price - the fool is the person(s) willing to pay. Hopefully 'arry will never become a mug and value bling over substance.

    • I don't think you should be worrying about that John. Arry is too long in the tooth to fall into that trap. I went to a dinner not long ago and Arry was the guest speaker. He told a very funny story about when he was at WHU and how Manure tried to nick Joe Cole from him as a kid. Arry told Joe's huge cab driver dad to go to Old Trafford and see what it was all about. He did but then came back to Arry and said he would leave Joe with Arry. Then Arry said "it may have had something to do with the 6 grand I put in his back pocket but I'm not sure"

      Anyway, he has proven himself to be an old poker player and has never, from what I have seen, paid really stupid money for anyone so I don't think he will now.

      C'mon John cheer up...there will be plenty of time to moan if the worst happens without starting so early. In Arry I trust (as long as he gets rid of that embarrassement Gomes!

    • Sfer,
      I'm quite cheerful (you should see me when I'm depressed) - as I thought that last night's performance (with a couple of exceptions) was ok for a bunch of players that don't normally play together.

      Here's to a 0-2 win Monday, followed by a 4-1 next week against Shaktar, and a 2-1 win against Utd. Then I will be smiling....

    • Blimey John - you are not an easy man to please are you!!!! Sounds like your glass is empty mate I dunno about half full.

      If we get the results you are talking about I will be walking around with a huge grin and a hard on for about a week!

      I certainly hope you are right though.

    • Sfer,
      The way I see it, we have the players to do it, so I should expect them to play as we know they can ;-).
      If this was a couple of season's back, you wouldn't have thought twice about a win at Hull - or beating Shaktar - so why start now?

      I must admit though that the 2-1 against Utd was a bit of a mistake - I should've gone for 4-2!

    • Ah now John - I am not sure about that. When you look at what would probably be described as our best selection exactly how good are they? OK so we can now thankfully count Gomes out so Cudiccini - yes I rate him but the best ? Probably not. Chimbonda - not bad but couldn't get a game at Sunderland! Ekotto I like but has his defensive frailties. Dawson and Woodgate can't get in the England squad cos Terry, Ferdinand and even Upson are rated better. King - well great player but we all know about his injuries.

      Corluka and the other defenders are not World class in anybody's book.

      Jenas, Bentley, Huddlestone, Bale and O'Hara all underperforming. Lennon, Modric, Zakora all inconsistent. Palicios an unknown as yet.

      Pav not yet proved he is worth the money we paid. Bent we all know about. Defoe and Keane yet to get back in the swing of things.

      I really do not understand where you get the whole "the squad is good enough" bit. It isn't. It's average at best but it's "ours" and we all hope that Arry can get the best out of them and we can build a team spirit that will make up for the lack of World class players.

      Hope all this does not depress you anymore than you are already John but you started it!!!! :-)

    • Sfer,
      But my start point wasn't what I believe, but what 'arry appears to believe.

      I said originally that I didn't believe that the squad was that poor that it couldn't compete. I don't want to believe that either, as if I do, it means another round of purchases.

      I really think the squad ***should*** be able to compete for 3 or 4 competitions. I really think (apart from the deficiencies pointed out earlier) that the squad has some flair - it just lacks a couple of players - and maybe Palacios covers my midfield fighter. So a central defender (who can play week in/out) and a left winger.

      My start point was that 'arry obviously doesn't think the squad is good enough. ORRRRRR maybe he was so seriously worried about the state of the pitch last night, that he decided to 'rest' a couple of players.

      If that squad isn't capable of beating half the teams in the EPL (home and away - ie 54 points ish) and beating teams like Shaktar, then I give up.

      As I say, just go back to the start of the season - most of us would have expected a top 10 place with that squad - and possible a top 6 had RK/DB not gone. I just still believe those players can do it - they just haven't gelled - so, Hull away? Yes, I would expect a win.

      They show some flashes, but just can't get that winning streak going.