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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Feb 25, 2009 23:12 Flag

    Predicitions Carling Cup Final

    147-5 to the good guys. Ronaldo'll get two in the first 17 mins, just because I hate him and it'll upset me, then we'll go all goals galore in the last 10-15 mins of the first half, they'll come out strong and Vidic'll get one, then we'll go goals mental 65-75mins including Gomes getting 7 but in the right end, and with 10 mins to go they'll get another two in 9 seconds, Ronaldo will complain that he should've got a hattrick but Dawson - who will have come on because Danny Welbeck will have broken Woodgate's leg (but don't worry, Woody'll come out fighting by Wednesday) - saved it with his face, and there'll be tense moments all around the stands as the last few minutes tick down on the clock (who better to throw away a lead like that then us?) but as Zokora launches a screamer all the way from towards our own goal down the pitch and into the goal, scorching a hole in the net as it flies through the back of it and somewhere into deep space, we'll accept the cup's all ours for the second year running.

    Is Vidic still injured? That's the only possible flaw I can see to my prediction...

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