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  • Sfer Sfer Feb 23, 2009 21:38 Flag

    Any news on our injuries?

    NBR I am surprised. It was only an under21 that Lennon missed - not a full international. And anyway, what do you mean it's not Arry's place to decide if one of his players plays in a meaningless game for somebody other than the club that pays him? Ferguson has been doing that for years along with most of the other PL managers.

    Given where we are at the moment especially I have no problem with Arry stopping anybody playing for any national side if it means they will be fit to do their best for THFC. Spurs staying in the PL is more important than individuals cap tally.

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    • Like I said, I completely see why, and I know others have been doing it for years but that doesn't have to mean I like it. Making up an injury to protect your interests is frankly pathetic; it's like forging a letter from your mum to get out of P.E.

      It's the old club vs country. Personally I side with country, but I think it's up to a player to make the call not the manager. I thought Bentley was an eejit for doing it a few years back but it was his decision to make.

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      • I hear ya N-B-R...but its a new day...I don't like it either, just like I don't like that there are "meaningless games" (FA Cup 4th round; last 32 of the UEFA). I know what the priorities are and I understand why things are being done the way they are (too much at stake if we drop...not to mention I bet three-quarters of the team would vanish if we went down making a return difficult...yeah, sorry, I don't think too much of the commitment of our current crop of players.

        I hate to bring up the old days, because that was then and this is now...but...it was better then!