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  • Sfer Sfer Feb 24, 2009 17:32 Flag

    Any news on our injuries?

    Rambro, obviously we see this in a different way but I am not saying, and if you look at my posts you will see this, that I think it is desirable. In an ideal World, which it isn't of course, players picked for their country would not be under any pressure either financially or from thier club so they would play simply because of the honour of it. And yes I agree that I would prefer that to be the way of it.

    But that is not real life is it. I was putting the point of the club and manager across and by putting yourself in the managers position, or even the Chairman, you see the whole thing in a totally different way. Of course money is to blame. When it was just about pride before all the mega bucks came into the game players did not have the pressure on them to dip out of internationals. But that was a long time ago and we have to face the facts as they are now. I still say that, if I had to make the decision on whether to let my best player play in a meaningless international friendly of keep him injury free and fit for an important club game then club for me would win. Lose the player through injury, lose the game cos he wasn't playing and lose your job. It's that precarious nowadays. Wish it wasn't but there we are.

    One last point, I do believe that all professional players want to play football first and foremost but again money can have a negative effect. Have you not noticed that players that are automatic first choicers for their club quite often throw a tantrum and find an excuse not to play (there are loads of recent examples) whilst players on the fringe of the first team are model professionals who would play for nothing just to get a game. Funny that eh.