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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Feb 23, 2009 21:22 Flag

    Any news on our injuries?

    Afternoon all.

    Any news about our injuries and when people are due back? According to the yahoo news:

    "Ledley King and Jermain Defoe are both close to returning for Spurs but this match might come just a little too soon for them. Alan Hutton and Jamie O'Hara remain absent"

    I remember O'Hara's injury looking a bit nasty but 'Arry gave the impression he'd be back within a game or two... I'm sure that was about a month ago. Hutton's obviously out for the long run, it seems Jenas & Giovanni are both ok now, who else is out/recently back, and for those out when are they due a return?

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    • Oh, and there's Lennon:

      "The flying winger picked up a slight groin injury in our last league outing against Arsenal, forcing him out of England Under-21 duty and Thursday night's UEFA Cup tie at Shakhtar Donetsk but boss Harry Redknapp reported that he is ready again for action."

      Hmm... injury prevented him going on international duty and playing in what was essentially our youth team last Thurs? Disappointing move Redknapp, I see why you did it but it's not your place to pick club over country.

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      • NBR I am surprised. It was only an under21 that Lennon missed - not a full international. And anyway, what do you mean it's not Arry's place to decide if one of his players plays in a meaningless game for somebody other than the club that pays him? Ferguson has been doing that for years along with most of the other PL managers.

        Given where we are at the moment especially I have no problem with Arry stopping anybody playing for any national side if it means they will be fit to do their best for THFC. Spurs staying in the PL is more important than individuals cap tally.

    • Sfer...do you really think that, in this case, sensible and right are the same? Because I don't. I know why its done, and I know a lot of teams managers do it, but look at it in another light.

      We lost Defoe to Pompey because he couldn't get a regular spot on the field...David Bentley blew up at Ramos early in the season because he kept getting played all over the park...what do the two have in common...they both wanted to play (in their preferred positions in one case and just play, in the other) to further their international careers.

      There was a time, not so long ago that we had a good number of our first team suiting up for club and country...it's usually the mark of a good team, the fact that, as you so rightly pointed out, that we don't right now speaks volumes.

      All that to say, yes, I know why the phantom injuries come up when International Friendly time comes around...and everyone feels they're justified to do it, but I think it runs counter to the spirit of the game.

      Also I'm not such a bumpkin that I don't acknowledge the potential downside of going with the spirit of the game...money's such a corrupting force that pretty much anything goes these days. (Not to say there waasn't any corruption in the Golden Age, but it wasn't as widespread or accepted witht the wink it gets now).

      And Lennon opens the scoring (score one to Harry...)

    • Rambro, obviously we see this in a different way but I am not saying, and if you look at my posts you will see this, that I think it is desirable. In an ideal World, which it isn't of course, players picked for their country would not be under any pressure either financially or from thier club so they would play simply because of the honour of it. And yes I agree that I would prefer that to be the way of it.

      But that is not real life is it. I was putting the point of the club and manager across and by putting yourself in the managers position, or even the Chairman, you see the whole thing in a totally different way. Of course money is to blame. When it was just about pride before all the mega bucks came into the game players did not have the pressure on them to dip out of internationals. But that was a long time ago and we have to face the facts as they are now. I still say that, if I had to make the decision on whether to let my best player play in a meaningless international friendly of keep him injury free and fit for an important club game then club for me would win. Lose the player through injury, lose the game cos he wasn't playing and lose your job. It's that precarious nowadays. Wish it wasn't but there we are.

      One last point, I do believe that all professional players want to play football first and foremost but again money can have a negative effect. Have you not noticed that players that are automatic first choicers for their club quite often throw a tantrum and find an excuse not to play (there are loads of recent examples) whilst players on the fringe of the first team are model professionals who would play for nothing just to get a game. Funny that eh.

    • Ok. I think most would see "sensible" and "right" as the same thing but obviously we see this differently. No worries. Not worth worrying about on the basis that we don't have many players even being considered for England at the moment anyway. Perhaps it would be worth more of a debate if we did and that would be a good sign anyway eh!

    • And as I've said Sfer, I see why he's done it, but I don't have to think it's 'right'. Sensible, yes, 'right', no.

    • Anyway nbr, I always forged letters from my mum to get out of cross country or play truant for a day or two, and it never did me any harm. Well, except once, when they found out and I got 4 strokes across the arse for that, but we considered it character building.

    • i prefered football when it was country before club, thats when football was a lot purer. i can no longer say im proud of what football has become