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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Feb 24, 2009 06:03 Flag

    king or dawson for the final.???/

    i was chatting to my mate who is a spurs fan and we talked about the team to face man utd. i said i dont think king deserves a place in the final cos he hasnt played and dawson has been close to how he was 2 seasons ago, brilliant.

    so what do u think ??? king played tonight and was ok but keane was captain . so i think daws for the final king on the bench.

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    • dont worry not blonde, i like hearing other opinions. also u have disagreed with everyone else by being the first person to suggest king & dawson!

    • Hi n-b-r, aren't you a female???? LOL
      you are allowed to change your mind anyway.

    • Just seen this on football365.com:

      ""Tom Huddlestone may think maybe I'm going to start (Jermaine) Jenas and (Didier) Zokora but Tom will play a part on Sunday because he deserves to, he's been excellent. Same as Jamie O'Hara."

      Full-back Chris Gunter was cup-tied for last season's Carling Cup triumph, so he is desperate to play his part this time around.

      "With a game like that on Sunday, you need to take any chance to impress," said the Wales youngster.

      Although his starting XI will be fresh for United, Redknapp still has to decide whether to field a five-man midfield, with Modric supporting a lone striker, or Pavlyuchenko and Darren Bent in a two-man attack. Factored into his thinking will be Pavlyuchenko carrying a groin injury this week. "

      Almost a hint that he's going to start Hudd & O'Hara ahead of JJ & Zok... either way, I'm glad he's 1) thinking about what their thinking (it's that old 'man management' we've been talking about!) gonna give them a chance to play a part - not for sentimentality but looking at what they've been bringing to games.

      Also, I didn't know Pav was carrying an injury... bloody typical. We're not doing all that well with one up front so I'd say start Bent, if he really doesn't want to then pull someone else into a striking role but keep 2 of them up there.

      Btw, I'm not ignoring the team you've suggested there Mark, I just honestly don't know what I think about it - I keep changing my mind. If I decide my thoughts I'll let you know!

    • how about this play all 3
      daws king woody
      corluka o hara if fit
      jenas mod
      pav bent
      maybe not our best 11 but i'm sure man utd won't expect it might give us more chance of getting forward more i'm happy with it what do u think wolfie gives us lennon on the bench i know but fancy a stronger workmanlike start till 55 mins then push on

    • Sorry Dawson i think it has to be King and Woodgate

      Reason is King is such a presence and we seem to win when he plays and Man U will play it mostly on the deck and i feel woodgate is better at reading this than Daws, However next season would like to see Daws and Woodgate as our first choice centres to get some continuity we cant keep choping and changing.

    • And I can think of quite a few where Woody's lost his man & that's why the goal's been conceded - I get quite peed off that they're never picked up on MotD or anything, because usually Dawson's had his man covered but has realised Woody's is in space while he's fck knows where, so he's been trying to man-mark 2 players, one of them's got free & Daws get the blame!

      The more I think about it the more it's King & Daws for me. I don't think Ledley's lost all that much from his game, & he's very good at reading the players & the type of match, as well as being by far the best at organising the defence.

      Oh, and I completely disagree about Dawson not been up to the Big Matches, I always think they're the ones he keeps his head in best - he looks proper excited about them and keen to get stuck in. If anything it's the 'smaller' games I think he's not as good at, I think he feels more pressure from knowing we shouldn't be letting any goals in & he should be easily dealing with them than he does when we're the underdogs, then he just wants to go & enjoy himself.

      SB I feel like I'm disagreeing loads with you at the moment, nothing personal I swear!

    • Spursbabe, I can think of a few goals we've conceded because defenders stood watching when they should have been "diving in".

      I agree staying on your feet is better most of the time, but sometimes prompt action is called for to get the block in or nick the ball away before the shot gets struck.

      And Dawson is better than both of them in the air.

    • dawso was brilliant 2 years ago and he seems to be regaining his form.but in my opinion the only reason we turned chelski over like that last year was because the other players felt better having woody and king at the back.two solid defendes who couldnt give a shit if they were playng mk dons or ac milan.they always play the same TOP CLASS

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      • IMHO, I don't think Woody is the same as last year and Ledley isn't either.
        Daws has been the rock at the back, not Woody. Woody lost it this season when he got that early injury and hasn't looked the same since. And Ledley seems worried about turning on that knee - and the lack of match fitness obviously tells.

        To me it's not about reputations - but I do agree that if Woody/King give the rest of the payers a lift, then that is worth it - but is it better to have that lift (and how do you quantify that?) or have a player on top of his game? To me the latter.

        I'd have Ledley in the team the same as the rest of you - BUT only when he's playing week in/out and he's over the injury.

    • It's scary when your manager says .....

      "Dawson has been fantastic for me and done a great job," said Redknapp.

      "But when Ledley plays we seem to win. He played at Manchester City when we won, he played at West Ham when we won and at Hull when we won.

      "You just wish you could get Ledley on the pitch more because when he plays he has a presence about him.

      "Ledley's a very important player to us, so we'll have to see how he is for Sunday."

      ....what hope then for Bale? Was 'arry also wearing his lucky underpants? If the manager isn't looking at who is actually playing well, but picking a team based on 'who played when we last won' than I'm amazed.

    • Hopefully not the vicar at my local church he happens to be a gooner!

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