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  • Jlock Jlock Feb 24, 2009 16:45 Flag

    king or dawson for the final.???/

    IMHO I think Ledley has become a problem.

    I don't think he's been that good when he's come back into the team - as you'd expect with someone who's been out for so long - so that's no reflection on him.
    The problem to me isn't how he's playing, but on the fact that you can't rely on when he can play. So for two seasons+ now we haven't shored up the defence as its 'Ledley'll be back in a couple of months'. We need cover badly.

    King has been a fantastic servent for the club, and I think the club should repay him with some position (if he wants it) on the coaching staff when his playing days are over. But unless the docs are telling the club something different and he will make a full recovery, then I think his days are done as a first team regular. And if that is the case, as you can't rely on him being available, either 'arry or Ledley has to make a decision pretty soon as to whether he's included in the squad.

    If he is going to get better, I would have preferred that he just vanished from the scene for a couple seasons, got the problem sorted and then came back as a regular into the squad.

    This way doesn't work. For example - will he be fit for Sunday, will he not? If he is fit, then at the moment is he better than Dawson? I would say not. As a manager I'd rather know now who my back four would be and who their replacements would be should the first choice be injured. Also IF you do put Ledley in the team, do you then take a subs place with Daws anyway, as you fear the Ledley can't make 90 mins and if you use Daws, that's one of the 3 gone.

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    • It's Dawson all the way....Ledley looks like a shadow of his former self. He is reported to be our talisman at the back but I think Dawson has proved that he is more than capable...he was the best player on the pitch last thursday in Europe so I say go with Dawson and Woodgate. I expect that if Deadly is fit though, he will play. It's down to 'Arry at the end of the day!