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  • There is no doubt that Jenas has huge potential, the trouble is he has had that potential for years now (since he was at Newcastle) but he still hasn't even come close to realising it. I think the main problem is that he only seems to try when he is within 30 yards of the goal. I can't remember the last time I saw him sprinting back to make an important challenge...he simply looks lazy when he plays and I have come to the conclusion that he must actually BE lazy. When you look at the effort that the likes of Zokora puts in it shows Jenas up even more.

    I agree that now we have Palacios (and even Zokora) working their socks off to get up and down the pitch, we could really give THudd a run of games, true, he is not the most mobile but he has got that killer pass in his game that we need, he also has a great shot and is good in the air.

    I say cash in on Jenas in the summer while the phrase "he's got potential" is still on everybody else's lips. For me, he has no more potential left!

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