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  • A good win for our boys! First half was not great except for Lennon's goal...I don't think Cudicini's mistake was that bad, at least he made contact with the ball, if it hadn't made contact with Lennons leg then it would have been at least half cleared! Second half was much better wasn't it? Woody's goal was immense! The only player who I thought wasn't up to par was Jenas...he looked arse! 3 points in the bag though so overall a good result. What are your thoughts?

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    • Fancy that? The only player who wasnt giving his all was........JENAS..........AGAIN...............I know I know...he's won us some vital games in the past, scored some great goals, made the difference occasionally..................SELL HIM!

      Professional football isnt a hobby....its not a bit of fun you can put away when you dont fancy it....its a full time job demanding commitment.......I dont think JJ fits that job profile.

    • What's odd is that when has played the past couple of times, the yahoo stats show him as being the most effective midfielder (in way of passes, tackles etc) - explain that if you can! I didn't see last nights game buit was listening to it on MW in the car and didn't realise he was on the pitch until about 10 mins before half time.
      G S SoT F FW O A AP BP T
      12 Wilson Palacios 0 1 0 1 2 0 0 29 5 3
      8 Jermaine Jenas 0 3 0 0 2 0 0 36 5 4
      7 Aaron Lennon 1 1 1 0 4 0 0 14 3 1
      14 Luka Modric 0 0 0 2 2 0 1 34 10 3

      maybe Jenas has gandalf's cloak of invisibility - or he has stealth technology - or he's a chameleon and morphs into Modric/Palacios - or he knows someone at yahoo and they fix the stats for him ;-)!

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      • I bl**dy hate stats John.......never read anything into them!
        Last week whilst watching the Shaktar game...on 33 minutes the comentator said soemthing akin to 'and Jenas plays a poor pass'...I hadnt even realised he was on the pitch!
        I know he has some allies amongst spurs fans and he obviously isnt completely hopeless but.........he has NO potential to be anything else than what he is.......a lightweight with the odd nice touch. There are loads of them about....Id rather see a better player wearing his shirt. He will never deliver what we require week in week out so why persevere?

    • fair point n_b_r but wasnt the summer debate about Lennon more to do with his end product rather than his all round contribution? (I cant remember now)
      Lennon seems to be chipping in with more than just the odd sprint down the wings and probably deserves to have the old cynics like me off his back this season. I still think he's got a bit to do to catch the eye of Capello but perhaps he still has that 'potential' we all hear about.
      As already pointed out Jenas hasnt realised his potential....he had it once but its gone....perhaps there is a club or manager out there who could coax it out of him but Im afraid it aint us.
      Just my opinion of course and Im often wrong but I dont look at JJ in the same light anymore and I'd rather have someone hungrier doing his job.......lets face it most players given the opportunites he has had would ensure that they are in the England managers mind every week.