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    Score predictions?

    I'm seeing 2-0 to the good guys at the end of normal time... the absolute last thing we need is ET, and as god is a gooner that's what I'm expecting!

    Actually, the absloute last thing we need is ET & then getting knocked out... actually, the absolute absolute last thing we need is being 1-0 up at 80 mins then stopping trying so we don't have to go to ET, that sort of attitude gets you nowhere.

    We're in for a bit of a rough ride fixtures wise, but does anyone else see the interviews Harry's been giving recently as pre-emptive excuses? The fact that he keeps going on about how he's playing "the young lads" and using negative wording - he's not talking about giving someone else a go or anything, he's blatantly saying they're not as good, he expects them to lose and hopes they will! It's really getting on my nerves, it's hardly instilling faith in the team in their own abilities (which is what he said he'd do when he arrived), and it's giving them excuses to lose.


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    • the palacious Palacios (tee hee)

    • my team for thurs

      guntner rocha huddlestone chimbonda
      bostock palacious jenas bale
      campbell santos

    • harrys already stated that hes playing an even weaker team so u can kiss goodbye to any chance of progressing.
      to be fair to harry look at what o neil has said today,
      he is resting 8 regulars,
      he obviously doing the same as harry & thinks its worth going out of the cup for a better league finish.
      i personally think play all the ineligiable carling cup players & then throw a few youngsters & fringe players in against shaktar.
      i reckon it will be 0-0

    • Hi n-b-r, have you read my post "Old manager or new Wenger"
      Seems we have the same thoughts about Harry.

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      • Thinking about it, we could actually field a fairly good side Thurs without it affecting Sunday too much. Keane, Palacios & Chimbonda are all cup-tied (I think), which gives us experience & a fair bit of talent in each third, Campbell can't play against MU & he's been alright - more fringe than second string I'd say. I think it's a safe bet Dawson'll be playing, although with Woody & King's relatively fragile states Redknapp might try and avoid that, is Bale fit? His 'curse' is only in the league, and I think he's alright. We've got quite a few midfielders, I think there'll be a few starting on Thurs who you'd hope would get a run Sun but wouldn't know where to fit them...

        I think a safe (in terms of resting etc) line up would be:

        Bale (if fit)-Dawson-Rocha-Chimbonda

        *even if O'Hara was to play Sun I doubt he'd start, and he'd need to play some part on Thurs to get back to match fitness
        **Wouldn't be too hard to fill this gap - I reckon probably Giovanni, although JJ might be thrown on.

        Even if you don't want to take risks with those you expect to be on the bench, I reckon that would only include taking Bentley out (it's not realistic to expect to not have any of King, Dawson, Woodgate or Corluka at CB), and I'm fairly confident with that line-up. In an ideal world Keane & Campbell wouldn't be up front together, but even that's not a terrible combination...

        That's not the line-up I expect to see mind, I don't think it'll be that strong, but I don't really see why.

        2-0 sounds about right now...

    • To be honest blonde I think he's looking somewhat more long-term. Staying up is the single most important thing. If we drop out of this season's UEFA but qualify for next season via the Carling Cup by winning on Sunday all well and good. If he fields a weakened side on Thursday and we do win - all well and good especially as we're creeping up the table.
      Not sure if that actually makes sense to anyone but me but what I'm trying to say is this seaon is basically a wash-out. We need a good start to next season in the EPL and qualify for next season's UEFA cup on Sunday.

      C O Y S !!

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      • Good job I'm not a chairman - as that is tantamount to saying that all the buys over the last two years were cr*p.
        We spent what in the last transfer window? Is that more then Villa,Everton,Hull.........etc combined? And that was spent purely to avoid the drop?

        Look at the squad thread. I know there's the issue of being cup tied - but if our squad isn't better than just 'avoiding' relegation - then I give up.

        'arry should be saying - 'look you bunch - you get paid a kin fortune, get out there and sweat lard'. 3 games in a week with a squad of 30? When all you live for is to play football? What?

        I bet Daws would say that he'd relish the chance to play all three..!

      • I get that, it's the attitude he's giving. The way he's phrased things makes it really clear that he's making excuses, he expects a pounding Thurs and to get beaten Sun, and that's what annoys me. It's like he's sending the players out, and just as their about to run onto the pitch, he's tapping them on the shoulder and saying "by the way, you see that fella you're playing against? He's better than you. But don't worry, I'm sure your mum's proud of you".

        I just don't think it's sensible for a manager to make it so clear that they think they'll get beaten; my boss would never say to me "why don't you put a bid in to that client? I'm sure our company's not up to it and someone else will do a better job of the bid then you, but give it a go" because it'd just piss me off and I probably wouldn't do it as well as I could.