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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Feb 24, 2009 19:42 Flag


    I get that, it's the attitude he's giving. The way he's phrased things makes it really clear that he's making excuses, he expects a pounding Thurs and to get beaten Sun, and that's what annoys me. It's like he's sending the players out, and just as their about to run onto the pitch, he's tapping them on the shoulder and saying "by the way, you see that fella you're playing against? He's better than you. But don't worry, I'm sure your mum's proud of you".

    I just don't think it's sensible for a manager to make it so clear that they think they'll get beaten; my boss would never say to me "why don't you put a bid in to that client? I'm sure our company's not up to it and someone else will do a better job of the bid then you, but give it a go" because it'd just piss me off and I probably wouldn't do it as well as I could.