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  • Jlock Jlock Feb 24, 2009 20:08 Flag


    Good job I'm not a chairman - as that is tantamount to saying that all the buys over the last two years were cr*p.
    We spent what in the last transfer window? Is that more then Villa,Everton,Hull.........etc combined? And that was spent purely to avoid the drop?

    Look at the squad thread. I know there's the issue of being cup tied - but if our squad isn't better than just 'avoiding' relegation - then I give up.

    'arry should be saying - 'look you bunch - you get paid a kin fortune, get out there and sweat lard'. 3 games in a week with a squad of 30? When all you live for is to play football? What?

    I bet Daws would say that he'd relish the chance to play all three..!