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  • Hi n-b-r, have you read my post "Old manager or new Wenger"
    Seems we have the same thoughts about Harry.

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    • Thinking about it, we could actually field a fairly good side Thurs without it affecting Sunday too much. Keane, Palacios & Chimbonda are all cup-tied (I think), which gives us experience & a fair bit of talent in each third, Campbell can't play against MU & he's been alright - more fringe than second string I'd say. I think it's a safe bet Dawson'll be playing, although with Woody & King's relatively fragile states Redknapp might try and avoid that, is Bale fit? His 'curse' is only in the league, and I think he's alright. We've got quite a few midfielders, I think there'll be a few starting on Thurs who you'd hope would get a run Sun but wouldn't know where to fit them...

      I think a safe (in terms of resting etc) line up would be:

      Bale (if fit)-Dawson-Rocha-Chimbonda

      *even if O'Hara was to play Sun I doubt he'd start, and he'd need to play some part on Thurs to get back to match fitness
      **Wouldn't be too hard to fill this gap - I reckon probably Giovanni, although JJ might be thrown on.

      Even if you don't want to take risks with those you expect to be on the bench, I reckon that would only include taking Bentley out (it's not realistic to expect to not have any of King, Dawson, Woodgate or Corluka at CB), and I'm fairly confident with that line-up. In an ideal world Keane & Campbell wouldn't be up front together, but even that's not a terrible combination...

      That's not the line-up I expect to see mind, I don't think it'll be that strong, but I don't really see why.

      2-0 sounds about right now...