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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Feb 24, 2009 22:51 Flag

    37 points enough?

    It's funny, it didn't bother me until yesterday (which is why I didn't reply to your other thread) - up until then I thought he was generally a little bit realistic and a little bit positive, but seeing him completely ignore the questions asked in his post match interview so he could spout out the same comments as he'd given a couple of days earlier really annoyed me.

    I don't really understand it, when he arrived I viewed him as a good people manager and someone whose skills are getting the best out of a bad situation; I don't think he's lost that, but it seems that instead of his positive attitude rubbing off on the players their negativity's rubbed off on him!

    This isn't me calling for his head or owt by the way, I just think it's strange.

    Oh well, when Ramos started I said I just wanted some consistency and to have the same manager for a minimum of 3 years no matter how much their decisions confused me at times, this is more his attitude than decisions but I stand by the need for consistency being paramount.

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    • I see what you mean LTS. Lets face it guys HR is a past master at relegation battles and he just seems to have a siege mentality when it comes to this type of scenario doesnt he?
      I suspect even if we were in the top 6 he'd find it hard to express himself in any other way.
      As to 37 points being enough....i tend to agree as I think at least 2 of the bottom 3 are certs to go down...so we battle to avoid that 3rd place. With home games to come against Boro, Wet Spam, WBA, Citeh and Newcastle plus Blackburn and Sunderland away surely we can expect at least another 9 points from that possible 21? We might nick the odd draw against either Chelski, Everton, Villa etc as well so perhaps 37 is a tad conservative.