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  • I see what you mean LTS. Lets face it guys HR is a past master at relegation battles and he just seems to have a siege mentality when it comes to this type of scenario doesnt he?
    I suspect even if we were in the top 6 he'd find it hard to express himself in any other way.
    As to 37 points being enough....i tend to agree as I think at least 2 of the bottom 3 are certs to go down...so we battle to avoid that 3rd place. With home games to come against Boro, Wet Spam, WBA, Citeh and Newcastle plus Blackburn and Sunderland away surely we can expect at least another 9 points from that possible 21? We might nick the odd draw against either Chelski, Everton, Villa etc as well so perhaps 37 is a tad conservative.