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  • Andrew W Andrew W Feb 28, 2009 00:06 Flag

    Great if we win on sunday!

    I hope we win on sunday. Living in yorkshire i`m surrounded by Man utd "fans". I use the term fans loosely as they all went to watch Doncaster Rovers when Chelsea were winning the league!.The words PLASTIC and BANDWAGON JUMPING spring to the mind. Anyone agree?.

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    • i agree andrew...i have supported spurs since 1948.....had good times and bad times...up with the stars and down in the depths....laughed and cried....but when you give your heart and soul to a team....you STICK with them!
      you don't hop on and off like a fleas on a dog!....these glory hunters don't know what the word fan means....i despise them....and so does every other true fan....
      yeah,we suffer but we also experience true love for our team
      ....our heart is totally committed....over the top rhetoric....no! i do not think so....COYS!!!!!!