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    glory hunters....my opinion

    they jump on winning bandwagons.....chelsea man.u.....liverpool....yes they always have aq team to boast about....but they do not have the deep love that a true fan has....yes i know we have heartache and tears....frustration and anger....but we feel true emotion....basically ...WE CARE!!!!
    we run a sine wave of ups and downs....we listen for the results with heart pounding....elayion or despair rests on a score
    ....yeh the true fan lives the moment......so to all true fans .....as tiny tim said in 'a xmas carol'..god bless us all

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    • As they say Derek, like you......
      "Bin there, done that got the T-shirt"
      Although I didn't start going to the lane until 1957/8 season.

    • Every team has fans who feel a different level of emotion to others.

      I supported United since the early 80's, and I can remember every boy in the playground supporting the dominating Liverpool, the heartache of losing the title to Leeds, the day Cantona signed, listening to a must win game against Oldham on the radio as Villa were breathing down our necks, and winning on the last day against Sheffield wednesday with two goals by Bruce to finally end 26 years of not winning the title.

      My dad watched the Busby Babes, so even though half my family were Citeh fans, I had no choice but to support United as they were always on tv, and my dad made sure I knew the history and took me to see them first. Once I'd started to understand the club I couldn't change teams, even though others around me did, I was in it for life.

      Every team has plastics, it comes with being successful, (I know we have the most right now) if you were as successful as us you'd have as many plastics I assure you, but one things for sure, no die hard spurs fan feels anymore for their club than I do for mine.

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      • id much rather support a team like spurs then man utd.
        man utd fans cant understand it when i tell them which is why they are man utd fans.
        i like supporting a real genuine team which is like life,u have your great moments & your bad moments.
        when we won carling cup it ment so much to us last yr, and now this yr we are battling relegation. what a rollercoaster ride it is supportin spurs but i wouldnt have it any other way!
        i was born in north london & i feel good that i support a team who are local and that 99% of our fans are genuine real proper supporters.
        i work at old trafford & theres a huge amount of fake,glory supporting fans. also theres a huge amount of foriegn fans, theres nothing wrong with having foriegn fans but when u have such a large amount, you know your a worldwide franchise.
        id hate to support a team with so many fake glory supporters.
        i feel bad for some of the small few genuine life long man utd fans who are tarred with the same brush as the rest of there fans.
        also the atmosphere is so poor at old trafford even when they are hammering team. imagine if spurs were hammering a team, the atmosphere would be electric

    • thanks red for being so civilised in your repl;ies....