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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 2, 2009 19:32 Flag

    Did not practice penalties??!!

    Morning Nige....Haven't watched the game yet only some of the highlights. Pundits seem to be saying we did alright. Always a reason for losing.
    Shows how bad we have become don't it???
    We're getting as bad as Harry, looking for excuses.
    Not good enough to score from penalties? Man Utd goalkeeping coach had videos there of Spurs penalty takers and where they put the shots!
    I'm impressed with that, that is good preparation.

    • I watched it Colin, and Spurs did well, but this is becoming farcical now, where a team, like ManU are putting out what is effectively there back up team, and still wiping the floor with everyone. That is a different issue though.

      I would expect someone to make a hash of a penalty, but just who is the onus on, the kicker or the taker?...I would say the kicker holds the ace card, as you point out, the keeper can watch previous kicks taken on previous occasions, but the onus is still with the taker. It is simply not good enough for professional players to miss a target from ten paces against a stationary keeper, no matter how many previous kicks he has watched. It would be impossible (IMO) to remember just where each player has place a shot before.

      No matter how much practicing is done, it doesnt change anything. A professional player should be able to score from a penalty spot, regardless.