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    Did not practice penalties??!!

    Harry said that they did not practice penalties. How on earth can you not practice penalties when you know that in the event the game ends in a draw after extra time it goes to penalties! Sigh - what kind of excuse is that? So is he to blame? Tired of this blaming everything and everybody - we are better than that! COME ON LETS GET GOING - COYS!

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    • Your having a larf here mate,

      Practicing penalties ? These people kick a ball for a living and get extremely well paid for it. If they cannot hit a barn door at 10 paces, they should seriously think about changing career. How hard is it to kick a ball forwards with a slight bit of accuracy.

      Not a good arguament. Sorry

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      • Morning Nige....Haven't watched the game yet only some of the highlights. Pundits seem to be saying we did alright. Always a reason for losing.
        Shows how bad we have become don't it???
        We're getting as bad as Harry, looking for excuses.
        Not good enough to score from penalties? Man Utd goalkeeping coach had videos there of Spurs penalty takers and where they put the shots!
        I'm impressed with that, that is good preparation.
        GOD HELP US.

      • Agree they are professionals and ought to be able to do it. However but let's look at it this way, week in and week out they practice throw ins, corners, free kicks, every single aspect of the game including how to hold up the game etc. Why not something as crucial as a penalty.

        If you had to give Harry some advice for the next CC wouldn't you say remember practice those penalties as well. When you get good at something it makes dealing with the pressure a little easier.

    • they say that of every team that loses

    • seeing as we are not much more than a cup team and we went out of europe last season due to a loss in a penalty shootout you would think it would be a regular thing on the spurs training roster. harry and all his coaches should realise that. how would practising do any harm, it can only do good and help technique.

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      • Im with Tilton on this one.......you can practice penalties all day if you want...It wont mean squat when you have 90,000 people screaming in your ear and missing means you lose all.
        Hats off to Foster for watching video clips on an ipod but not very gentlemanly perhaps....then again that died out years ago...maybe its the future.
        Like many yids I knew we wouldnt win the shootout...our lads were dead on their feet and ...well its Spurs innit.......we just know dont we?

    • Wolfie

      Didn't we win 1-0 in the reply with Hoddle slotting a pen. Didn't think it reached a shoot out?

    • SB,

      If you are old enough to remember back in the eighties we played in 2 consecutive cup final replays against Man City in 81 and against QPR in 82.

      The Man City replay was possibly the best cup final I have ever attended - this was also because the first game was so dull and the QPR replay was actually settled on Penalties ( yep before you say it Spurs have actually won a penalty shoot out )

    • At the end of the day a pen's all about who fancies it... if you're not confident going up to it then there's no point in taking it.

      Bentley would definitely fancy himself for it - he does for every free kick no matter what the angle, so why not a pen? O'Hara took one against PSV & got it in, & he desperately wanted to make an impact, so I'm not surprised he went up either. I didn't think he had a great game all in, so perhaps he wanted to make amends for that a bit - he definitely wanted to feel like he'd earned a winners medal (if we'd got them...).

      I wouldn't expect BAE to go for it - he doesn't have that arrogance about him, and I think Bale was going to be 4th & Bent 5th (that's the order they were stood in), I suppose Redknapp wanted the "guaranteed goals" last.

      I suspect Zok would have been 6th (he can't watch penalties so he wouldn't volunteer, but would take it if asked), & that leaves Modric (who must've been bloody knackered, so I can't blame him for not putting himself forward), Daws, King, & Gomes (who I'd have loved to have seen have a go!).

      A friend I was watching with said just before the pens it's a terrible way to decide a game, and we started chatting about potential other ways of doing it...

      - Mult-i-ball (like on that beer advert, I forget which)
      - After 120 mins, go down to 7 a side & play til golden goal or Last Man Standing. If it's going for a long time (150mins?), reduce to 5 a side.
      - Golden goal again here... after 90 mins, go down to 10 men. After 100 mins, down to 9, 110 mins - 8, etc etc etc.

      Any other ideas?

    • The specualtion surrounding our choice of penalty takers may have boiled down to one thing.............bottle!
      Perhaps O'Hara and Bentley stepped up and volunteered. Perhaps Modric and Bent averted their gaze when HR asked for someone to step up to the plate?
      O'Hara had little to lose.....its early in his career, he wanted to be brave and be a hero. Bentley maybe saw it as opportunity to redeem himself and turn his fortunes around (cough).
      At the end of the day its one against one in front of 90,000 baying fans.....and somone is going to be a hero and someone a villian.

    • Didn't we win pens in UEFA last year in the round before we got knocked out too?

      Penalties, BUT only if the goalie and taker are blindfolded.

      To be honest, I think by the time you get to pens it's evidence of a pretty even match, so the lottery aspect's understandable, it's just frustrating. Sometimes you'll just have a bad day at the office on cup final day, but you can't say it's unfair, it's just the way the sport works and that's a way to differenciate between the teams.

      Still gutting though.

    • I was there that night as well Mel,

      It was a magical occasion, and I was half-way up the Park Lane end being carried to-and-thro by the surge of the crowd.. can never forget Graham Roberts equaliser was something special.

      But I am surprised that I couldn't remember a tiny detail like Hoddle scoring from the penalty spot against QPR 3 seasons earlier.

      I am a Spurs fan honest! I just think the ravages of time have been playing havoc with my brain!

      Anyway, back to the penalties issue.. I think replays in a cup-final is the answer and it would almost certainly generate interest among the two sets of supporters!


    • I heard a good idea years back.

      Play extra time, and every 'n' minutes both teams take a player off the pitch. That would leave it still being tactical - as the manager's would have to decide at what point they go on the offensive.

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