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    Did not practice penalties??!!

    Harry said that they did not practice penalties. How on earth can you not practice penalties when you know that in the event the game ends in a draw after extra time it goes to penalties! Sigh - what kind of excuse is that? So is he to blame? Tired of this blaming everything and everybody - we are better than that! COME ON LETS GET GOING - COYS!

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    • the team finishing 3rd in champs league and going into uefa cup is such a joke. its really unfair on the original uefa cup teams.
      also i dont agree with given teams in europe a bye in the carling cup. i know they have a hectic schedule etc but why should u have a head start over teams who actually finished below u & worse off then u. you need a balance, and the better & bigger clubs being having to play extra games is the only but of balance towards the non european teams.so what do we do, we give them a bye.

    • they say that of every team that loses

    • Hammer them straight down the middle a foot beneath the bar and the keeper hasn't time to get back from his chosen direction. None of this fancy planting them in the very corner stuff.
      Then put your chewing gum back in and pull your socks up.

    • Alternatively, after 90/120 mins every 'n' mins you put another player ON the pitch, that'd really test the squad strength!

      This is what I was asking for earlier, ideas outside the box... perhaps literally (introduce half-way line goals?)...

    • Can you imagine Harry's comments at the aftermatch interview if it had ended up a draw and replay.

      Reporter "Well Harry that's another game to fit into your already overcrowded fixture list. What do you say to that?"

      Harry "I think we should have had a penalty shoot-out or toss a coin. We haven't got a squad that's big enough or good enough to cope with yet another game!!!"

    • I heard a good idea years back.

      Play extra time, and every 'n' minutes both teams take a player off the pitch. That would leave it still being tactical - as the manager's would have to decide at what point they go on the offensive.

    • I was there that night as well Mel,

      It was a magical occasion, and I was half-way up the Park Lane end being carried to-and-thro by the surge of the crowd.. can never forget Graham Roberts equaliser was something special.

      But I am surprised that I couldn't remember a tiny detail like Hoddle scoring from the penalty spot against QPR 3 seasons earlier.

      I am a Spurs fan honest! I just think the ravages of time have been playing havoc with my brain!

      Anyway, back to the penalties issue.. I think replays in a cup-final is the answer and it would almost certainly generate interest among the two sets of supporters!


    • We also won the UEFA Cup on penalities in the 2nd leg of the 1984 final v Anderlecht; I know because I was there! Tony Parkes saved 2 penalties in the shoot-out - he was only 21 at the time.

      Brilliant night - the atmosphere was just amazing as it was in the days before all-seater stadia became the norm so there were thousands of us crammed into the stands to watch it.

    • Wolfie

      Didn't we win 1-0 in the reply with Hoddle slotting a pen. Didn't think it reached a shoot out?

    • Didn't we win pens in UEFA last year in the round before we got knocked out too?

      Penalties, BUT only if the goalie and taker are blindfolded.

      To be honest, I think by the time you get to pens it's evidence of a pretty even match, so the lottery aspect's understandable, it's just frustrating. Sometimes you'll just have a bad day at the office on cup final day, but you can't say it's unfair, it's just the way the sport works and that's a way to differenciate between the teams.

      Still gutting though.

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