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  • Jlock Jlock Mar 3, 2009 16:05 Flag

    Where Does it Leave Us?

    OK, so we lost. But what do you see the impact as being?
    - Relegation battle - do we stay up? < I can't see us going down (but then I thought we'd win the CC and beat Shaktar!)
    - No Europe next season < and maybe not the year after?
    - Squad rebuild in summer < Rumours have that 'arry isn't happy with the squad at all. But without Europe what players can he attract?

    Personally (IMHO) I think 'arry made the mistake against Shaktar. I think I would have tried to win that tie over the two legs, simply as it gave another chance of Europe - and potentially kept the team spirits up after losing the CC (the attitude 'ok, so we lost the CC, let's get the UEFA). The impact to me is the squad - in as much as that if the rumours are true and 'arry wants a major rebuild, how does he sell THFC to 'good' players? Difficult job.

    On the positive side, there can be no more excuses re having too many games and fixture pile ups!

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    • I'm just hoping that the talk about 'arry not fancying the squad is just that - talk, and then the issue with attracting players isn't that bad.
      If he can work with them and get that belief back (which should be easier after Sunday - as although they lost, they played like the team we know they can be). (aside - I though Bent worked his socks off. He was closing down better than RK!)
      I can't see too much wrong with it - I'd go for:

      Centre Back
      Left Back/Mid

      IMHO the rest are/should be good enough.
      GK: Cudicini/Gomes - No. Cudicini hasn't played enough and Gomes (although looking better) still doesn't inspire
      RB: Gunter/Hutton/Corluka - OK
      CB: Dawson/Woodgate/Rocha/King - Suspect with King/Rocha
      LB: Bale/Ekotto - I'd personally push Bale up to LM
      RM: Lennon/Bentley - I think Bentley will come good
      CM: Jenas/Huddlestone/Taarabt
      CM: Palacios/Zokora
      LM: Bale/Modric - ok, so Bale twice!
      CF: Keane/defoe/dos
      CF: Pav/Bent

      So even if Jenas/Bent/Bentley go, then theres enough cover. 20+ player squad. Surely enough for 3 competitions?
      So maybe just maybe, 'arry is hoping that talk of a mass clear out is a 'spur' to get these players to perform for the rest of the season?

    • Hi John. I see where you're coming from but allow me to play devils advocate on this one....

      When 'Arry was at Portsmouth he didn't have European football and look at the players he attracted....Defoe, Crouch, James, Muntari, Diarra etc. He seems to be a manager that attracts players. I am aware that our performance this year might effect our attractiveness but I think it is a broadly known fact that it isn't 'Arry's fault and he has done quite well since he joined the club. I also think that he thrives on finding players that can do a job that aren't necessarily household names.

      I think we will be OK (fingers crossed).

    • the table is tight so all to play for