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    4, 4, 0 formation on Sunday?

    I felt we were playing a 4, 4, 0 formation on Sunday.

    Time to do something up front - Keano will be back - thank goodness - and hopefully Defoe but if Bent and Pavlyuchenko are not pulling their intended weight put the some one else in.

    We need to look at solving the problem rather than just bemoaning it. Let Campbell or Dos Santos have a run - it may give them the encouragement they need. If Bent thinks he has a right to play - well his performance did not show it.

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    • Fundamentally we are not a threat up front with the strikers we played. They may have been everywhere else and tried very hard all over the pitch but produced no real threat.

      You felt we had a greater chance of getting something from anywhere else, midfield or when we had all the boys in the box for a corner or a free kick and here - subject to delivery.

      Look for a win against Boro though! COYS!!

    • Yeah, I noticed the exact same thing about Ronaldo.
      In fact, apart from hitting the post, he was none existant during the game, and I think Essou deserves a lot of credit. Some of his distribution was a bit off but to limit the best player in the world to one chance in 120 minutes isn't a bad shift at all.

    • bent and pavy together dont work,they need defoe or kean as partners.iv already stated id prefer pavy/defoe & keane/bent.
      pavy bit hit and miss but it is his 1st season in the prem, and also he has played 2 seasons in a row & the euros without a break.
      i get annoyed at commentators too,especially when man u & ronaldo are playing. ronaldo every game wastes 3 or 4 free kicks by either hitting them well wide/over or into the wall & the commentators dont say anything. soon as a opposing player does the same thing they go on a rant about how awful the free kick was. ronaldo wasted 2 or 3 free kicks in the final before pavy took his and commentators said nothing, then pavy takes one and they get excited and slate him.

    • Lennon was immense on Sunday, every time he got the ball he looked like he put the fear of god into Evra (who's no slouch). What impressed me the most was that every time Evra got forward Lennon was there with him putting the pressure on.

      Pav looked OK, he got into good positions and Bent ran his socks off so it's not all doom and gloom. COYS!

    • David, yeah, I thought we were lacking up front on Sunday. Especially I don't think Pav played well, which was a shame as I have a feeling he will become a really good player. Could be wrong.

      With regards to Bemt - I'm gonna say it, I think he's getting a little bit of a raw deal. I thought he ran his heart out on Sunday. He was winning most thigs in the air, ws out muscling Ferdinand from the ball and really tried hard. But he never got much service. The only times I really saw him was when he was closing down defenders - but he never stopped. I know the Portsmouth miss was a bad one, but even Shearer missed some sitters. His goal to play time ratio speaks for itself - I think he can do okay for us (not up there with Keane of Defoe, but not a bad player to have).

      But I do agree his play me or lose me outburst was stupid.

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      • I'm clearly the only one on here, but I actually thought Pav was alright - he was generally in the right position, once the defence got used to it he'd try something new... for me the problem was not having more physical strength in midfield (i.e. the reason it was all that end-to-end stuff, we didn't have anyone sitting back and holding the ball up or having that much influence over the speed of the game). Obviously that effects how your strikers play, I didn't think by himself he had a bad game.

        We need Lennon to get his confidence up, too many times he - like Zokora - can't decide whether to cross or shoot so puts the ball somewhere in the middle, meaning it doesn't go to the goal or a player.

        I had other detailed points I wanted to raise here, but I can't for the life of me remember what...

    • you wernt playing at all. Bring on Jay, he claims to know it all!