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    Pavlyuchenko and Bent off

    Some newspapers are reporting that Harry is going to offload Pavy and Bent in the summer. What are you thoughts on this?

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    • I don't swear much as you chaps know but Bent can fuck RIGHT OFF.
      Pavy, my little vodka friend, on the other hand, can stay in from the cold as he's quite handy. Needs to speak the queens engleesh though. Or maybe Harry will just tell him to keep "running up that end of the fucking pitch", "score a goal ruski bloke", " you will get a bonus smirnoff if you bung that ball in the net, yea"

    • Evening fellow Yids,just read all the threads on this Pav and Bent article and agree its just a crap tabloid thing.Only 2 days ago some of us were praising him for his efforts in the CC final and although he is currently our TOP SCORER without starting every game it seems that some of us are quite happy to let him go without what i fill is a fair crack of the whip.I personally haven't seen the article with reference of insisting to be played,but at the end of the day it was us who bought as a STRIKER and should really give him a good run of regular games to try and prove himself,which i believed preseason.It seems to me that you are either hated or loved as in the case of Robbie Keane(who is obviously loved by most of you)that you can request a transfer which sadly for him didn't work out and come back to the Club which coersed your career in more ways than one only to kick your fans up the arse.I only saw the extended highlights on Football First and yes he did score and assist 2 BUT, surely thats what he's getting paid for.I also see him give the ball away on at least 3 ocassions and put an UNCHALLENGED header well over the bar.SORRY but untill the day i see keano going around players with the ball stiil at his feet getting stuck in,then he's not getting my vote! And just in case I have been a SPURS FAN for 43 YEARS COYS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I think it would be extremely foolish if Harry was to get rid of either of them without having an idea who to bring in as a suitable replacement for either of them.

      Tabloid newspapers rumours such as this can prove to be very detrimental to the Club as these rumours can unsettle our players ( the Berbatov being linked to the Mancs last summer was started in the Sun ) but at this early stage they can be dismissed as pure speculation - as a large club Spurs should not fall into the same trap again this time round.

      I'll be more concerned if we were to lose Lennon, Modric or Palacios in the summer now we can no longer offer them European football.