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  • Roger Mellie Roger Mellie Mar 7, 2009 03:44 Flag

    do we hate arsenal

    Youre going soft in your old age Del, my fellow spurs legend. Still, Roger can be soft in approach to these gooners these days- i used to think they're all oily pieces of turd. Now i think theyre all just cunts.

    • do you know these opinions are a joy to read.....erudite ...well mannered (not snidey or over the top)....but entertaining to read.....my gentlemans eleven MUST include bobby moore,blanchflower,jennings,perryman,banks,greaves,
      gilzean,matthews.....it was so different in those days when money and egos didn't rule....as for thugs about 2/3 rds of Revies Leeds united assassins!!