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  • do you know these opinions are a joy to read.....erudite ...well mannered (not snidey or over the top)....but entertaining to read.....my gentlemans eleven MUST include bobby moore,blanchflower,jennings,perryman,banks,greaves,
    gilzean,matthews.....it was so different in those days when money and egos didn't rule....as for thugs about 2/3 rds of Revies Leeds united assassins!!

    • A gentleman footballer is a guy confident of his ability at any level. Who knows what he can or can't do, and doesn't need to resort to underhand tactics to establish himself.
      Many so called famous players come and go, Ronaldo, Rooney, people like that. But the class acts stand alone, over the waters a good example Maldini.
      Back on home ground I always smile when thinking of my personal role model--Mr Bobby Moore.

    • ...and how could anyone forget 'mock, flock and two mouldering brain cells' 'star' Vinnie 'what's football? I just kick people' Jones and his team of 'd' listers.

      Maybe there's another thread in that:
      Players you wouldn't want to meet down a dark alley
      or to rephrase that, players that should never have donned a pair of boots.......