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  • Sfer Sfer Mar 9, 2009 16:22 Flag

    do we hate arsenal

    Perhaps what this thread highlights is the fact that 30 years ago any top team probably had 10 players that knew how to be a Gentleman and one maverick (Bremner, Hunter, Tommy Smith etc) whilst now its the other way around.

    Go back further than that and the players wouldn't let one team member be out of order. It was about sportmanship and not about winning at all costs or money.

    Greed, over-paid, over-rated, low intelligence and poor education are all to blame. Such a shame isn't it!

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    • i think that the contributors to this thread are mature....not only in years but attitude....we seem to have a common link in that we have seen not only great players but great human beings....yeah they had their flaws...but who doesn't....they played ithe game in the right spirit....think of the greats we have seen....moore(a great footballer and man)....best,greaves,john charles,charlton,banks,jennings,mackay,blanchflower,dalglish,....etc....boy we were lucky.....they only pass this way but once....as the man said.....and now?....mostly spoit overpaid egotistical prima donnas!.....and that's their good points.......lol!