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  • Sfer Sfer Mar 6, 2009 21:21 Flag

    Buy him a drink or not!

    Suggested on another thread but not a bad idea (I think it was NBR)

    Player I would probably most like to buy a drink based on his skill/modesty combined = Paul Scholes

    Maybe a bit quiet/miserable but I have never heard him slag anybody off or complain about officials etc. Just gets on with the job and does it very well.

    Player I would happily pour a drink over = Ronaldo. All that talent but it does not mean he has any class at all. T0sser!

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    • OK here are mine.

      Ben Foster (no arrogance about him despite saving that penalty from Jamie O)
      Steed Malbranque (would love to find out what he thought of being sold last summer)
      David Beckham (there's more to him than meets the eye I'm sure)
      Lee Dixon (despite being a former Gooner he's a neutral on MOTD and speaks a lot of sense)
      Pierluigi Collina (interesting to hear his take on discipline on the field - why can't he ref over here?)
      Bob Stokoe (who can forget his joy when Sunderland won the FA Cup?)
      Cloughie (for being a maverick)
      Steve Coppell (thoroughly nice chap)

      Ronaldo, van Persie & Bendtner (arrogance, pure and simple)
      Berbasulk, Gallas & Cashley (sheer petulance)
      Gary Neville & Alan Shearer (gut feeling but can't put my finger on it)
      Mike Dean (for being too spineless to send off Cashley)
      Damien Comolli (need I say more?)

      Enough to be going on with methinks.

    • Bollocks to the footballers, mines a large whisky

    • Roy Hodgson - but I'd want to meet him when he was on his 4th or 5th (seems like a pleasant guy before that, but probably a bit boring).

    • Ah now if we are talking Managers

      Ferguson I would drown in Abysinthe along with Wenger. At one time I would have definately included Hughes and Ince in there as well.

      Agree Brown, O'Niell and Holloway would be good company and the Swedish Chef off The Muppets (Jol) would be good to try and keep up with. Arry I have met and he is always up for a good laugh and a few stories so he would be there. Big Ron Atkinson if only for the p1ss take factor. Tony Mowbary and gary Megson seem ok for a shandy.

      Just thought of anouther "pour" .........McLintock!!!!

    • Can you imagine BMJ and Holloway talking about chickens after the 5th pint? Now there's a comedy sketch in the making.

    • ..what about Giggs...? and that Spanish bloke Ole Gunnar?

      I'd buy a round for the whole Spurs squad (Gomes and Jenas can share a shandy) - as long as they all drink real ale - if anyone orders some posey drink (and that includes anything that is super-chilled or lite (learn how to spell) or or contains the word 'lager') - then they get relegated to:

      I wouldn't be seen dead in Benidorm with (in alphabetical order):
      Rooney (just a thug)
      Ronaldo (anyone who speaks in the 3rd person can't be real)
      Bellamy (I think he should have played alongside Rooney)
      Ferdinand (always reminds me of the Bash Street gang)
      Terry (what is it about him?)
      Gerrard (I don't actualy think there's too much wrong with him per se, but I just can't stand how the commentators on the box fawn over everything he does - ditto really with Lampard)

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      • I can't take the credit for the idea but I'll certainly play along...

        I'm excluding Spurs because it seems so obvious, other than that my top two are both Man U players -

        Buy a drink: Giggs, in the words of my grandma what a pleasant young man!

        Pour a drink: Ronaldo - when I lived in Manchester I used to worry that I'd bump into him on the street and not be able to stop myself punching him, and I'm a pacifist!

        Other than that, buy: a fair few of the Villa squad, Torres seems ok, and if I'm feeling very serene and could bring myself to buy a gooner a beer, Theo Walcott when he's a grown up and if this footballer malarky doesn't go to his head - I get the impression he might be a nice chap if not incredibly bland.

        Pour: Usual suspects - Rooney, Ferdinand, Campbell...