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    is bent missing on purpose?

    paranoia maybe but it seems on a regular basis bent seems to be missing when it is easier to score....hge did it again yesterday....is it deliberate.9to get his own back because he ain't in favour)....or his natural talent coming thro@.........LOL!!

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    • The gooners love RVP cos he scares defences, i have to admit he is skillful and can turn players inside out so subsequently he is forgiven for his sins. Bent, on the other hand can't turn milk thats well out of date. Lets face it, he's shit. He's had two years, lets ship him out to Fulham

      Does anyone fancy apple turnover covered in sour cream? I have re-opened the shop.

      Or maybe some cheese on hot bread?

      Don't do toast

    • Spursbabe, all my mates agree he ain't worth £16 let alone £16m.

      Perhaps I'm missing something (other than a few lucky goals) in his game, but for the life of me, I'm fcuked if I know what.

    • yeh rvp misses some sitters 2 but arsenal fans luv him.
      i agree that the main reason bent gets made the scapegoat is coz of the price tag,yeh hes a decent player so 10mill at most. but dont forget pavy was at least 9mil so hes not exactly come cheap. im not going to write bent off in till we have someone better in.but at the moment i think we need bent so we should support him.
      kanuote is a good striker who links up well(i cant remember but is his attitude questionable?didnt he play for some african country he had never been to instead of spurs when we needed him most & were strugglin in league?) also who ekse did we have upfront when he was here

    • I agree with you Sfer - Bent isn't a bad player (in the way that Dawson isn't a bad player, nor Bentley nor the majority of the squad - and I say that with a few reservations!). Clearly after the pre-season high to find ourselves rock bottom of the Premiership after 8 games on only 2 points was extremely bad for team morale.

      I do find it strange that a) we paid £16m for Bent who although prolific was no way in Berbasulk or Keano's league; and b) he hasn't been able to recreate his pre-season form when he scored all those goals.

      Similar thing with Keano going to the Scousers for megabucks, failing to settle then coming back to us (cheaper too!) and immediately making an impact by scoring/making goals.

      I've heard the Kanoute rumour too - it was around when Ramos was in charge but has surfaced again. IMO it was a mistake letting him go in the first place but hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it?

    • IMO if we had only paid what Bent was actually worth (say 8 Million) we would not be being so hard on him now. Plus, as we all know, strikers, more than any other position, depend much more on confidence to score goals and Bents is lower than a rats f4rt at the moment.

      I actually don't think he as bad as everybody is making out BUT is he good enough to get us where we should be?? Probably not and on that basis I think it better that he goes and we get someone else in that could get us there.

      THOM it is not Kanute....where did that come from?

    • SB...notice I've stayed out of this one (until now)...fight the good fight lady...I for one, know what you're on about.

      (watched a bit of the scum's cup match yesterday...saw RVP miss an absolute sitter...couple other clear-cut chances went begging too...point is, it isn't that easy to direct a round ball where you want it to go...just makes guys like Berbatov all the more awesome).

      Carry on

    • thats why i put modric is in the team for his link up play to avoid people saying its unfair to compare. its easy to say anyone would have scored bents goals if they had played but compare pavy to bent,
      bent 26 played/ goals= 9
      pavy 23 played/ goals= 4
      so how comes bent has scored way more if u say that anyone could have scored his goals? is it because bent gets in better positions than pavy?

      also to say drogba is crap is extrmely harsh. hes been outstanding for chelsea, yes this season hes not been great but hes had injurys & didnt get on with the manager who rarely played him. see the difference in him since gus has taken over, he has scored 4 in his last 5(whould have been 5 as his good free kick looked over the line). yes drogba dives and play acts and has a bad attitude but if the manager can handle him he is one of the best strikers in the game.can hold it up,head,shot, score long shots & free kicks,set up goals & hes big and strong.

    • Bent is off at the end of the season anyway, but we can't function with only 3 strikers so I would like to see us bring in another striker of Berbatov's class.

      So what about Freddi Kanoute? We have been linked with him on a number of occasions in the past and he has already shown that he can play with Defoe and I'm confident that he will be able to play with Keane as well..

    • I look at our top scorer like this:

      If we had my missus up front then SHE would be top scorer. NO NOT IN THAT SENSE YOU FILTHY MINDED FELLOW YIDS
      If my missus had that many chances up front then she would of scored more. ANYONE could of been up front and scored more!! Darren has had enough chance cards than the entire worlds Monopoly cards in circulation. Pass GO and then go directly to fucking jail Darren you oily heap of poo !!

    • What does that make of old porridge at Chelsea? He spent two seasons with the ball coming of his shin, his shoulder, his posterior - but look at him now (still cr*p!)....

      PS old porridge - Drogba - Godber - good play on words eh?

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