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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 9, 2009 22:12 Flag

    Your best memory......

    god!!....you were lucky lucky.....he was my idol....i was there when he beat 5 mun u players ,drew stepney ,,went round him and nonchalantly put the ball in the net....the crowd went mad,all except man u of course...
    i was with my old man ....he got the ball and just went into the penalty area skipping by defenders as he went....the heart started to pound ...the crowd began to rise in the seats....you just knew he was going to score....the world stood till.....time stood still...then jimmy scored.....that afternoon is seared into my brain forever....it is on youtube....i'll see if can find and post it....he was the best...
    spurs won 5-1....great days.
    also was privileged to see white,mackay,blanchflower,jennings,best,law.....what an array of talent.....sfer you were a lucky man....i envy you!!!

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    • Hi Derek.. I remember a similar episode with Greavsey only this time against Stoke I thought. I used to stand on the Shelf near the edge of Paxton Road penalty. Greavsey got the ball on the other side of the pitch near the centre line. Of he went on one of his mazey runs rounding 4 or 5 players, drew the keeper, (was it Shilton?) ran round him and slotted home. Great times!!

      I have spent time with Cyril at a party one Saturday evening, not on a pitch, far nicer bloke socially.

    • I know Derek....I was VERY lucky and I will take that memory with me when I eventually go to that football pitch in the sky!

      Cyril was a nice guy too and, looking back, he was very funny making out to the ref he was getting old and slow every time he put me in the stands. He apologised in the bar afterwards but by then I was too numb to care! Can't remember who he played for then. One of the North London non-league teams I think.

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      • being taught how to head by Mike England. It went something like this, one night when he and Knowlesy and someone else that i can't recall (age) came into the neighbourhood for a bit of community service:

        Open your fcuking eyes...how the fcuk can you see the fcuking ball with your fcuking eyes closed. I never looked back from that day on. (Yeah, i was the type of player that responded to tough love...none that arm round the player crap for me...if you did, i'd walk all over ya! Friggin babies out their playing nowadays!)