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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 11, 2009 00:32 Flag

    Spurs message board regulars

    I apologise for not being on here to answer to your responses but I usually work long hours and have just finished work.

    For your information my full name is THOMAS JOHN HERBERT and I AM a genuine Spurs supporter - it is just a mere co-incidence that I have the same initials as the team I support.

    It seems quite apparent that for some I am not welcome on here, and if that is so then my contributions on here will be very short-lived - I bear no ill-feeling towards anyone on here, but I feel I would never fit in as one of the regulars.

    So, my fellow Spurs fans, if you excuse me I will make my excuses and leave the talk to the regulars as it seems apparent that new posters or outsiders will never be made welcome.