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    Spurs message board regulars

    I'm new to the Yahoo message board and I thought I would introduce myself.

    My name is Thom ( short for Thomas ) and like most of you out there I am a Spurs supporter.

    I hope in time that I will be accepted as one of the regulars and I will contribute to any Spurs related topic currently being discussed.

    Regards Thom

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    • Welcome......
      Don't take it toooooooo seriously - write the posts with a smile on your face..;-)
      Don't take offence - if you feel offended, just ignore the git(s)...life's too short..
      Listen to the wise old heads (of which there appear to be quite a few here - it's more like a geriatric get together) - they've been there, seen it and done it - they just don't quite remember the detail..or when it happened exactly...or if it did actually happen or they just dreamt it....

    • Welcome in Thom...just bring your thick skin in with you and watch out for Essex N-B-R and Spursbabe...kidding!!

      Have fun with it mate!

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      • How rude, now I'm offended too!

        Thom, I think the posh thing was tongue in cheek, about 99.999% of what's said around here if so if anything looks either really offensive or like a really bad joke, it's probably the latter - there's no accounting for lack of wit!

        Sfer I thought it was you... I offended someone on arrival, i lose track of who.

        In fact, is there anyone on this thread who's not yet been offended? Let's see if we can piss everyone off in one fell swoop! I challenge someone to offend Roger...

        Has anyone seen the Bread Man recently?

    • Hi Thom,

      I myself am quite new to this board (a few weeks now) and I for one would like to say welcome.....

      I'm sure that the regular contributors will offer the same welcome as I have....



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      • Morning Thom, welcome from me too. Hope you enjoy it on here.
        We always welcome Spurs supporters who would like to contribute to any discussion on this board.
        We even enjoy a few non Spurs supporters on here who make sensible valid comment. Unlike most of the gooners who come on here to make stupid, detrimental remarks and try to wind up the faithful. They aren't even man enough to use their own ID's.
        You'll see what I mean as time goes by.
        Have fun LTS

    • Welcome newbie Thom. Please excuse some of the language. I, for one, dont entertain such fucking profanties. If you find anyone offensive, then just tell them to fuck right off, or better still, just ask me and i'll give 'em a right fucking ear bashing



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      • Evening RM and all other yidsters and welcome Thom H.

        You will see in the coming weeks that we are a fairly friendly bunch and our topics are fairly widely diverse in nature ranging from the glory-glory nights of the 60's & 70's that LTS & others frequently talk about, right up to the tribulations of the current-day squad.

        You're comments will be more then welcome, but as a word of caution try not to upset the Gooners as they usually spam our message board for weeks if we go over there - even if we post genuine football comments - Wolfie!

    • Good evening fellow YIDS,and welcome THOM H.I am also fairly new to this board,although i did spend one hell of a time reading the postings before i plucked up the courage to reply myself.Unlike you i failed to introduce myself and therefore appologise to all of you. You mentoined that you had just finished work and maybe you mistook some of the welcomes the wrong way which i'm sure is not the case.Just sit back and enjoy the ride,trust me, it's good fun.ALL THE BEST Jeffall!! COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • Thanks Jeffall and thanks for the welcome from the other Spurs fans.

        I apologise for misconstruing some of the remarks as hostile. I know that I should have taken some of the remarks with a pinch of salt but

        I feel that the positive topics on here show just how much the team mean to everyone of us - and as supporters we are unique in the respect that we genuinely care for the team, and I honestly believe that next season will see us emerge as one of the teams to be reckoned with in the country again.

    • morning nbr you old cynic you ;-)

    • I'm Hamish from Cape Wrath n.b.r., and my kilts flapping around my bollocs like a flag as I stand here looking out at the angry waves thinking of some nice people to talk to.
      Spurs came to mind, so I'll send my referance down wrapped around a haggis.

    • I apologise for not being on here to answer to your responses but I usually work long hours and have just finished work.

      For your information my full name is THOMAS JOHN HERBERT and I AM a genuine Spurs supporter - it is just a mere co-incidence that I have the same initials as the team I support.

      It seems quite apparent that for some I am not welcome on here, and if that is so then my contributions on here will be very short-lived - I bear no ill-feeling towards anyone on here, but I feel I would never fit in as one of the regulars.

      So, my fellow Spurs fans, if you excuse me I will make my excuses and leave the talk to the regulars as it seems apparent that new posters or outsiders will never be made welcome.

    • special occasions............do you mean the jumping off the wardrobe pretending to be bikeman kind of occasion........no wonder you gulp sir.........a blur in bright orange/green in mid air hurtling towards the bed...................

    • ...did I miss something? .......

      I didn't see any 'anti' posts - maybe my command of le vrai langue english has diminised with my wits....

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