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  • Sfer Sfer Mar 10, 2009 23:45 Flag

    The Villa Game....

    and just after Zakora scores Ralph Coates (he is one for the Gentlemans team for sure!!!) will rush on to the pitch and put a cross over for McKay to head in.....Rednapp will be presented with the best looking PL manager award after the game and Comolli will get caught News Of The World style in the changing rooms giving Levy a BJ and begging for his job back betweeen mouthfuls....

    John you really are in cuckoo land. Glad I am so sane.

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    • I always thought 'old 'arry had the looks and the countenance of that cartoon dog - was it Droopy? A cross between him and ee-yore ....'I'm just goin' round an' round in circles...'

      I take offence to the fact that you think my predictions are insane (or is it me that you think is insane?)...you wait till sunday and you see Tom T'Hudd (contracted as he's been linked with Newcastle - if he goes I'll resign my job as chairman of the 'Hodd-Hudd-Hudd-Hodd for England' committee) just inside the half way line - and crowd bays 'Shoooooooooooot' - who will look silly then eh?