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  • JEFFALL JEFFALL Mar 16, 2009 02:37 Flag

    The Villa Game....

    Good evening fellow Yids! Best early birthday present i've had for years.Thought arry and the TEAM done excellant today.Brushing aside everything thats been said recently,i thought DB played well today and that everyone was up for it, and a good decision by arry to change Zakora for Corluka.
    Personally i don't give a flying fcuk that the goons leap frogged Villa as i've already said we held the aresoles to 2 draws and i don't see too many teams helping us out.Well i'm off to see my BIRTHDAY in with a good drink and with the knowledge that you lot are feeling as good as me makes it a whole lot better.

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    • Belated Happy Birthday Jeffall - hope you had a great celebration this evening after the great win at Villa Park today :-))

      Onwards and upwards you Spurs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • Happy birthday Jeffall, you're looking good for 407!

        Missed the bloody match cos I'm stuck in deepest darkest Wales (they don't show the football in these parts, it's rubgy - and you support Wales - or nothing). I was expecting a cracker and Spurs fans tell me it was, but Villa fans, including a friend who was there, tell me it was rubbish (although he did also text me saying "Villa do NOT look like scoring" about 30 secs before they did, so what does he know).

        Wish Blackburn had delivered a surprise, but glad we're getting back to where we belong (bad start to the season taken into account), up the Brom tomorrow!