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  • Ok I'll start off the thread on this one........now I dont like predicting scores too much so I will leave that up to you guys but I fancy us to come away with another point here.
    On a slightly weird tangent...is anyone else thinking ...if we HAVE to lose...then let it be Villa?
    Would love to see MON boys stuff up the goons!

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    • I would love to agree with you EY. To take a point away would be great but I fear the worse although that is a common Spurs supporter feeling isn't it!!

      I have always had a soft spot for MON and would have loved him to be offered the job after he left Celtic. Never mind...I trust in Arry!

      2-1 reverse for me....sorry.

    • I think we'll do it 0-2....
      Zokora will go on a steaming run and curl a fantastic shot into the top left hand corner....and with 5 minutes left, to the echoes of 'shooooooooot' Tom the Hudd will hit a 40yd screamer (I was just about to say from the half way line, but luckily stopped myself just in time) that will break the net....

      Have I been here before? Is it tea time nurse? Oooooh custard creams, my favourite.....

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      • and just after Zakora scores Ralph Coates (he is one for the Gentlemans team for sure!!!) will rush on to the pitch and put a cross over for McKay to head in.....Rednapp will be presented with the best looking PL manager award after the game and Comolli will get caught News Of The World style in the changing rooms giving Levy a BJ and begging for his job back betweeen mouthfuls....

        John you really are in cuckoo land. Glad I am so sane.

      • BETFRED

        Villa win 10/11
        Spurs win 5/2
        Draw 9/4

        Bookies don't get it wrong very often I am sorry to say.

        Whats the matter with me today!!!! Of course Spurs are gonna win..............COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dont know so I asked russell grant and he said 2-3 to spurs. Happy with that.

    • Good evening fellow YIDS! Watching Vllia recently on TV didn't think they looked that great and although they are currently sitting 4th,feel that we can at least get a draw if not a win.Also with the 2 draws we got against the gooners we have more than done our bit to help Villa out! COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • Its a win, win whatever happens Essex lad. We "win" if we lose as it fucks the goons and if we draw or win i'd take it as a win
      . So im already delirious with the outcome and im off to thump some random gooners at the pub right now.

      Although i would add that Roger is already 'twatted' with booze

    • I know that tongues are firmly in cheek for most of these replies, but let's get one thing straight...we NEED all 3 points.

      We are playing away from home (they like to poison us...so watch what you eat lads...something about claret and blue...ok, so that bit was tongue in cheek!)

      So, where was I...away...we don't play to our strengths away, and that's where we get bitten in the arse. Yes our defense is shaping up nicely and if King is ready to lead us down the stretch (believe it when i see it), then all the better (and give him his armband back!).

      Villa: what is it. 70% of their squad have played 90% of their games...these guys are worn out. MON doesn't trust his bench (or the preceding stat wouldn't be whats being bandied about these days) so, he's basically run the legs off his best players (you know...like the old days..LOL). have they got enough in the tank to deal with the likes of us? Probably...but will they...not if we take the game to them and get an early goal. The be prepared for an onslaught and be prepared to hit them on the break.

      Someone had Zokora scoring (YIKES) someone else had him scoring 2...sh*t why not have score a freakin' hat-trick! Zok aint scoring, end of. Palacios might though...

      If we go down in the first half...expect a goal fest reminiscent of the 4-4 thriller we had before.

      No more of that talk...if we lose we screw fucking Arsenal ...Fuck Arsenal!, and Fuck Villa! We need to be out there doing for us. I don't give a rats arse if the scum make the CL or not (if they don't they'll only pose the question, "when did we last get there"..so screw that!).

      oh and what of this talk about MON taking Bentley...think he'll give us Ashley Young in return (speaking of quick black players, SB - wink). What a flank teaming we'd have then...ok...tongue back out of cheek.

      Realistically, Harry will have the boys playign for the draw, and looking to nick one late if we're all level late on. I'd like to have us go out as if it were a home game and really take it to them. Keane looks like he's got his tail up again...and Lennon can wreck havoc with their defenders (bet they pull back Young or Aggie to help out and counter his quickness..especially if he's really up for it!

      no prediction from me...I'm always wrong if i predict positively, and right about 50% of the time if I pick us to draw or lose..so not gonna tempt fate either way.

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      • our defence in the cc final was outstanding, probably the best it's been all season, but not so good in the couple of games since unfortunately.

        we defo need our team firing on all cylinders for this game, personally a draw would be a good result, as they say, at least draw the away games and win the home ones and you're looking good in the league!

        and as for tilts, don't forget your wear your blue & white mate! ;-)

        oh when the spurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs
        go marching innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...................COYS

    • Well there's me fiver down the drain with one nowt but the win looked pretty much on the cards.

    • Good evening fellow Yids! Best early birthday present i've had for years.Thought arry and the TEAM done excellant today.Brushing aside everything thats been said recently,i thought DB played well today and that everyone was up for it, and a good decision by arry to change Zakora for Corluka.
      Personally i don't give a flying fcuk that the goons leap frogged Villa as i've already said we held the aresoles to 2 draws and i don't see too many teams helping us out.Well i'm off to see my BIRTHDAY in with a good drink and with the knowledge that you lot are feeling as good as me makes it a whole lot better.