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  • I actually really enjoyed seeing his team get stuffed. I'll never forgive him for the debacle that started as soon as we won the CC. How come "arry can get our boys playing better after we have lost in a Cup final than Ramos can get them going after winning one! Cup Specialist my arris!

    Thanks for the CC Ramos, now fcuk off. (I think that's what he was told by the Spurs board, coincidentally) lol

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    • I never liked him and talking worse than Manuel off faulty Towers didn't help. We are better off without him without a doubt.

      I really really have never understood this whole "cup specialist" thing. I just don't beleive there is any such thing. You are either a good manager or not. OK you might have a bit more luck in certain games but if you are good then you get the best out of your team most games not just select ones.

      It's all a load of old b%$£^&ks.

      Morning all by the way!