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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Mar 11, 2009 20:03 Flag

    if we had an arab fairy godmother....

    ginola on the left and klinsmann up with robbie keane. maybe carrick back.

    sorry im only 27 so anyfurther then 91 and i dont really remember.lol not like so of u other old boys on here lol.

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    • Started to take a stab at this...gave up! (Oh and I was sticking to current players as I don't think I could be recovered from fantasy land if I went down that road (and if I did make it back I'd be a blubbering mess).
      4-4-2 formation
      (GK) Friedel (just think he's solid all over)
      (RB) Maicon
      (CB) Vidic
      (CB) Ferdinand
      (LB) Evra
      (DM) Senna (Marcos)
      (RM) Essien
      (CM) Kaka
      (LM) Gerrard
      (CF) Berbatov
      (ST) Messi

      Now some of those picks are definitely for the short term based on player's age, but that lot would do me nicely