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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Mar 11, 2009 23:01 Flag

    if we had an arab fairy godmother....

    Started to take a stab at this...gave up! (Oh and I was sticking to current players as I don't think I could be recovered from fantasy land if I went down that road (and if I did make it back I'd be a blubbering mess).
    4-4-2 formation
    (GK) Friedel (just think he's solid all over)
    (RB) Maicon
    (CB) Vidic
    (CB) Ferdinand
    (LB) Evra
    (DM) Senna (Marcos)
    (RM) Essien
    (CM) Kaka
    (LM) Gerrard
    (CF) Berbatov
    (ST) Messi

    Now some of those picks are definitely for the short term based on player's age, but that lot would do me nicely

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    • whos team do u think would win? VOTE NOW

      GK) Friedel Cech
      (RB) Maicon Alves
      (CB) Vidic Vidic
      (CB) Ferdinand Terry
      (LB) Evra Lahm
      (DM) Senna (Marcos) Essien
      (RM) Essien Gerrard
      (CM) Kaka Kaka
      (LM) Gerrard Messi
      (CF) Berbatov Villa
      (ST) Messi Toni

      ps.we got 5 players the same.iv been saying for years essien is chelsea best player but he gets overlooked. most underrated player of last few yrs

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      • Mine would of course! What's wrong wit ya!
        I almost picked Alves at RB...but I think Maicon is having a better season this year. I also originally had Gerrard, but figured I'd sarifice him for Essien what with Senna being immense at the moment he got my nod for Essien's natural spot.
        Cech...forgot about him (smile) you got me there.
        Ferdinand and Terry would be a toss up, but not when Vidic is the other CB, those two (Ferdinand and Vidic)share thoughts at this point.
        I also figured I'd played Messi out of position, but you can can't you, he's that freakin' good...and he'd definitely out Keane, Keane when partnering Berbatov. your Villa and Toni pairing, hmmm, not getting goose bumps over that one...so,

        I WIN!!! YEAH! (LOL)