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  • Layla Layla Mar 12, 2009 09:15 Flag

    spurs board regulars Q&A

    after reading thoms board regulars thread & because i cant sleep, iv decided to do a question and answer that all spurs message board members have to fill in if they want to be part of my S.M.B.R club. il go 1st,all u have to do is click reply & type your answers in the same order as my question!

    player of all time- lineker
    current player- messi
    colour- green
    tv prog- simpsons
    film- true romance
    book- time to kill
    paper- mirror
    band- green day
    song- kill by jimmy eat world
    food- chinese
    drink- strewberry milkshake

    bet u wish u could get back the 30secs u wasted reading my answers. yes im more boring then u thought.
    i look foward to reading your answer so i can get to know the person behind the name.

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    • The first answer should say a lot about my age!

      Jimmy Greaves
      Gerrard (Wish he was a yid!)
      Two Pints..etc., Alan Partridge (Joint)
      Amityville Horror
      Standard Classified!
      The Eagles
      Ethnic English...Steak & kidney pie and 12 veg.
      Old Speckled Hen.

      Hope I qualify.

    • Good Evening S.B. and fellow yids.I'm seated in the black leather chair so i'll begin.

      player of all time-Ronaldiniho
      current player-Michael Dawson
      colour-sky blue
      tv prog-true crime(SKY 553)
      film-terminator 2
      book-anything about dogs
      band-fleetwood mac
      song-if you don't know me by now
      food-Sea food
      drink-budweiser or wine

      I'll be waiting for the guys in the white suites to come and get me! COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • player of all time- Gazza
      current player- Torres
      colour- Black
      tv prog- American Chopper
      film- Taxi driver
      book- Moby Dick
      paper- Sun
      band- Metallica
      song- Fools Gold-Stone roses
      food- Sunday Roast
      drink- Special Brew

    • O.K. Babe .....
      Just picking one in each category is tough ... and ask me again next week and I'd probably change a few picks... but today:

      player of all time- George Best
      current player- Tevez
      colour- blue
      tv prog- Dr Who
      film- The Big Lebowski
      book- The Seat of the Soul
      paper- The Oregonian
      band- Miles Davis
      song- In My Life
      food- Cuban
      drink- Ginger Beer

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      • intresting answers.thanks for all of your responses.il respond in order.
        Wolfie- only fools & horses is classic viewing
        jay-glad u agree about true romance
        sfer-pele is prob my all time fav but i put lineker coz iv seen him play
        longtimespurs-steak and chips are tasty
        alan h-your gfs eyes,awww how sweet
        evil- triggy happy was well funny
        kentish maid-yeh ginola was worth it
        benidorm-chinese is yummy
        john locke- california dreamin is a great song
        thom h-aaliyah was great,such a shame.if 1s u dont success
        berkshire-hope simpsons run for ever
        old fan-big lebowski is funny

    • ok here i go

      player of all time- klinnsmann
      current player- woodgate
      colour- blue
      tv prog- simpsons
      film- the green mile
      book- the fog
      paper- sun
      band- queen
      song- phil collins another day in paradise
      food- chinese
      drink- coke

    • Don't put too much caviar on your toast, not-blonde and don't be getting yourself all stressed up because it affects the little fellow down below.

    • favourites-
      player of all time- Hoddle or Greaves
      current player- Les Dawson or Robbie Keane
      colour- white/blue/white
      tv prog- That prog that showed what the world would be like if mankind died - 5 years on , 10 years on 100 years on.... (or to smile at - Eli Stone)
      film- Its a wonderful life
      book- Don Camillo Omnibus / Winter Kills
      paper- none
      band- Bobby Womack
      song- any one from a myriad (soul survivor, understanding, harry hippie, california dreaming)
      food- indian / thai or simple egg and chips (or Floyd's spanish sausage and bean in tomato/garlic with a pint of red wine and ....)
      drink- Harvey's best (or Old) - while sitting outside a country pub on a warm summer's evening...

      and my bank account details are ......
      Sort code: 00-65-98
      Account: 6615589543
      Name On Account: Mr & Mrs B Eleavable
      Password: drowssapon
      Mothers maiden name: I didn't have a mother, she left before I was born
      Security question: What colour are my socks?

      Did I win huh? Did I....did I...?

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      • As a newbie I thought I would have a go at the questionaire..

        So here are my choices...

        Favourite all-time player.. Paul Gascoigne
        Current Player.. Kaka
        Colour.. Azure Blue
        Television Programme.. University Challange / Mythbusters
        Film.. Spartacus
        Book.. A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens
        Paper.. Daily Mail
        Band.. Aaliyah, R Kelly & Other R n B stars
        Song.. Four Page Letter - Aaliyah, Same Girl - R Kelly & Usher
        Food.. Mexican ( if cooked correctly )
        Drink.. Tea ( Djardeeling or Earl Grey )

        I'll go further..

        Favourite holiday destination.. Australia
        Car.. Renault Megane
        What would I buy if I won the Lottery.. Helicopter, Speedboat & My Own Private Island
        Favouite Actor.. Brad Pitt
        Favourite Actress.. Megan Fox
        Favourite sportsperson outside of Football.. Ana Ivanovic

        Hope I qualify spursbabe

    • Like n_b_r I'd like to stress that although I have read this thread I havent added my choices becasue a) i couldnt bear the ridicule Id open myself to.. and b) I cant be expected to choose between Bucks Fizz and Brotherhood of Man!!

    • Welcome back Evil Bread Man - LOL at your choices!

      OK, here are mine:

      player of all time- David Ginola (sex on legs!)
      current player- Xabi Alonso (yes I know, but he's cute!)
      colour- Purple
      tv prog- Life on Mars
      film- Lord of the Rings
      book- Lord of the Rings
      paper- Daily Mail
      band- Keane/Coldplay
      song- I'm not in Love (10cc)
      food- Chicken
      drink- Red wine (New World ones)

      Interesting how most of us are Daily Mail readers isn't it?

    • player of all time- GAZZA
      current player- GOMES
      colour- BLUE
      tv prog- TRIGGER HAPPY TV
      film - Most recent has to be GRAN TORINO
      paper- scissors, stone
      band- KC and the Sunblest Band
      song- BAKER ST
      food- BREAD
      drink- WATER
      Favourite sandwich - CHEESE

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