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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Mar 13, 2009 17:26 Flag

    spurs board regulars Q&A

    is this like therapy ??? get to know ur fellow yid. Well in that case in need a bit.

    player of all time- teddy sheringham
    current player- robbie keano
    colour- blue and white
    tv prog- dexter or bones
    film- bad boys
    book- the power of one
    paper- the sun ( more pictures then words)
    band- david grey
    song- mr jones by the counting crows
    food- chinese or pizza
    drink- coke
    favourite sandwich- cheese and tom sauce.

    ah i feel better now ive shared a part of myself with u all.

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    • I'd like to stat for the record that I'm not purposely not joining in, I just find it really difficult to pick favourites and every time I try to answer I get quite stressed because I keep changing my mind!

      The only one I know for sure is a two-way tie, does that count? Paper - guardian (I feel a bit pretentious saying that!) or metro.