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    You all know it makes perfect sense


    3 points on Sunday..........will go a long way towards ensuring Spurs maintain their Premier League status next season.

    Also, the yids have the opportunity to do the whole of NL proud by being the team who finally hammered the last nail in wobbling Villa's season, to ensure North Londoners have a representative in next season CL.

    For once, many of us gooners shall be rooting for the great NL enemy as I'm pretty sure you have the team to test Villa if uncle 'Arry got his team tactics spot-on from the onset.

    C'mon you Yids! ......................Go on and prove me right ;-)

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    • O look its our resident sinner Mr Gunneresque, my first customer to be barred from my shop. And righty so i may add....we don't do spam french stick, or, like your team...french fancies (soft centred ones of course)

      You should of lost last night to Roma. At least next season Villa won't be embarassing like you were. Your team brings shame upon the English league

      Does anyone want a cheese pizza? Italian base

    • Boo hoo...poor little slayer just wanted to be friends and nasty EY bit his head off......the big meanie.
      If anyone is in any doubt about this gooners credentials and wants to give him the benefit of the doubt.....just take 5 minutes to read through his message history......on all the boards! How will you explain that bummeresque?

      Oh and slayer, never think slime like you can make me angry......you are very small potatoes when it comes to wind ups......in fact the only one who ultimately gets upset is you....and your nearly ready for another hissy fit...i can sense it.

    • got to ask though if i said i wouldnt mind spurs losing so u goons would not get cl next season, would u be annoyed and start personal slating , or would u give a mature answer??? i think u would just start a whole load of abuse and remind us of the arse winning stuff recently . i think EY just cut that out and went for the kill.

    • quote 'You mean the same "EYs full attention" given to Fabongrass, Clever Trevor and charliegeorge, to name but a few good posters who have graced your otherwise boring board.' unquote.

      if that's the case don't come on here then, but i think you're all one and the same tosser anyway, in that case you're definitely analy and mentaly retarded so you're not going to understand the simple logic in that, we don't want you here, you have nothing of any importance or interest to say, and your petty attempts at windups are just that, petty, ;-)

    • They are all w*nkers like you slayer...and got their just deserts for acting like tw*ts....
      Now I wont be moving off my own board slayer....Im a Spurs fan...this is a Spurs forum......now tell us more about your glorious record as an Ar5ena1 fan....been to a live match before?

    • Are you making a list of the most annoying Gooners?

    • I just read some of his previous...seems like a bit of a cnut.

      While I was there I looked back through some of the history of my own messages...

      When I made my ill-fated visit to the Arse board (embarrassed cough whilst averting eyes downwards) to give them a bit of banter this pr1ck was one of the first ones to get personal with me. What a tw@t.

      I notice he's gone all quiet...I think you bit his face off :0)

    • Aren't you the same goon who said this recently??......

      'The Spuds are undeserving a place in top flight football.
      Spuds are Crap.
      Burnley to replace the Spuds in the EPL anyone?
      I can put my mortgage on it that the Spuds will go down (where they belong)'

      Go fcuk yourself you spineless little plastic p*nce.........the yids will stay up whether we beat Villa or not so lets hope the Villans earn the right to the CL and you lot scrabble around for the europa scraps .....where you belong!