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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Mar 12, 2009 21:03 Flag

    Getting beaten by Arsenal...

    Yeah, our conduct's not been up to standard, so really I was surprised we'd made it to 5th.

    City qualified for UEFA because England topped the European fair play league (and they were about 8th in the PL FPL - the mickey mousiest of routes in!), I don't think we're doing so well in it this year (or else surely the press would have picked up on it by now again), but even if we are I think that route's been removed in the Europa Cup model. Don't quote me on that, but I think it's been taken out... ah, no, I'm wrong - almost the opposite's happening:

    Criteria changes
    The UEFA Executive Committee endorsed a change to the criteria for allocating the additional places reserved to Respect Fair Play winners in next season's UEFA Europa League. As defined in the club competitions regulations, the three places in the UEFA Europa League will automatically go to the three best-placed national associations in the Respect Fair Play ranking, provided they attain an average of 8.0 points or more. This means that contrary to previous editions, there will not be a draw to determine which two national associations will have the right to enter an additional team on top of the outright winners.

    (got that from uefa.com)

    As of January we're 8th, but there's only .25 in it. If you're interested in seeing the table, go to www.uefa.com and search for "Respect Fair Play Intermediary Ranking", there's a link at the bottom of the first article.