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    has money destroyed the game sa we know it?

    when i was young and in my prime....as the song goes.....the football league was fairly equal in that at least 12 teams could come top.....and any team could any other team....they were all on about £8 a week so nobody needed to move from team to the other for financial reasons......it was more competetive.....but now we all quote the top four,altho' now Man City has jumped into the equation.....it is ok if you support any of the top dogs but otherwise you fight for scraps 'cos you can't compete money wise to get good players....it gets predictable...if i held a gun to your head and said'who's going to be champions'.....90%+ would say Man U...
    not good at all.....

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    • Aaaah but we're still watching the games though arent we. If we ask Sky TV they'll say the opposite. Maybe football will go through its own boom and bust. Maybe it SHOULD do. Whatever happends though, we'll still be addicted im sure

    • The answer to your question Derek is an emphatic...YES.
      Mind you the game simply had to evolve from the days of yore (like everything does) and whether we like it or not, there is no going back to a time when money did not talk (as loud).
      The frustrating (nay embarrassing) thing is...we at Spurs have been one of the richest clubs around recently yet we have been unable to 'buy' that top 4 status as others have! Its a scandal that even though we at Spurs have sold out to the lure of the lucre we still havent bought our way into the CL.
      As ive said elsewhere on numerous threads...top 4 these days is something to laud over your rivals, boast about it, treat like winning a silverware.......well when we were younger top 4 meant loser! You didnt even qualify for the eufa cup! Yeah you'd had a good season but trophys and european football was where the glory lay....now its finishing 4th!! The top 4 even treat our domestic competitions with contempt and ridicule (unless they win one of course)
      Yeah the modern game is predictable to an extent but its based not on who has the best team, youth structure, manager etc but based on who has the richest owners..............at least on those terms anyone in the country can win the league....havent QPR got a few bob coming in now?
      I think money has simply blurred the line between what 'glory' once was. I often use the word glory....its a concept lost on todays modern plastic armchair fans.

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      • ...this will sound stupid...but it also has changed the supporters mentality. Its no longer just a supporters thing - it's the corporate sale..it's merchandising... it's all the things that a business does but that is nothing to do with football.
        AND what's worse is that money breads fear. Fear of losing.

        They vaunt the CL as the 'showcase' but how many decent games do you see in the CL? They're typically (I excuse the liverpool game on Wed as I thought that was a great spectacle) boring dross.

        You may be able to buy the best players, but unless you go out to entertain rather than 'not lose' - then you may as well have the worst technical players. But what club wants to risk 'entertaining' and losing? None - they can't afford to.

        I rembember those cold wet nights at the Goldstone ground in Brighton when I was kid - standing on the chicken run (a patch of mud) - or if it was really cold - in the North Stand with the 'boys' - watching old 3rd Div football - but that was more exciting than most of the football coming out of the Prem/CL/Liga/Serie A/erest.....all put together (or is that just my memory playing tricks on me?)

        Now back to the supporter mentatlity - they all want that CL spot in the stupid belief that it make their team a better team - NO - playing good football makes your team good.
        I'd rather see THFC go out and try to win 5-4 each week and achieve nowt than have some boring dross 1-0, 1-1 pattern that achieves CL football. But the clubs love CL as that means more money...to go and buy more expensive players...to bore more people...to get in the CL next season...to buy more players...to...have we not been round this loop before?

        Is the football any more exciting now, with the millions pumped in, than it was 30 years ago? I would say no, in fact the opposite is true (IMHO).