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  • Jlock Jlock Mar 14, 2009 14:25 Flag

    Youngsters departing. Good or Bad?

    I thought exactly the same. We were in 'three' competitions and didn't have a squad to cope, so 'purposely' ducked out of the uefa - and only had one game left in the cup. Now we only have relegation to fight, and he starts offloading. So obviously we had a squad that he thinks was between coping with the remaining games and being able to handle a potential extra 4 games.

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    • Morning John.
      I sometimes wonder if Harry is trying to be SAF, only he plays mind games with other managers.
      H appears to be playing mind games with us Spurs supporters!! I'm afraid I'm still out on Harry Redknapp as to whether he's the right man for this club.
      Oh I don't say he won't probably keep us in the EPL but, and he says he's going if we are relegated, is he the man to take us onward and upward??