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    Youngsters departing. Good or Bad?

    Three of our youngsters have gone on loan to differing clubs. Taraabt, Dos Santos and Gunter have all been loaned out for the rest of this season.
    Does this mean Harry is having his clear-out early or that he wants them to get more playing time on the pitch?
    We haven't got the depth of strength in our squad, according to H, yet 3 of our starlets have gone.
    Beats me!!!!

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    • i agree. gio should stay and get more of a chance. i dont rate tarabt. gunter worth sending on loan to learn his trade

    • I think you've got a near perfect point there. Gio has shown he can do well he just needs time to grow. Players like Ronaldinho don't form over night. And if Gio is to be the next big thing then perhaps he should be given the experience at the top level.

    • i understand tarrabat and gunter going on loan but not gio. i feel with a squad short on left sided players maybe he is one player who can do a job for the end of the game. i feel playing modric on the left for the time being is good and if the game is going ok why not throw gio on for 15 mins to run at tired players. take modric offo r jenas and give gio ago. just make sure palacious or zok are still on to mop up and help defend as gio goes forward.

    • I thought exactly the same. We were in 'three' competitions and didn't have a squad to cope, so 'purposely' ducked out of the uefa - and only had one game left in the cup. Now we only have relegation to fight, and he starts offloading. So obviously we had a squad that he thinks was between coping with the remaining games and being able to handle a potential extra 4 games.