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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 15, 2009 02:41 Flag

    who were your great entertainers?

    well i started at WHL in 1948....they were in the old 2nd division ,which they won and got promoted,playing plymouth argyle.....nicholson was a half back.....i missed a few years 1949-51 doing national service.....but i saw the double side 60-61....you had a job to get in....then in the 90's i moved to lincolnshire....prices and distance stop me going now....but you are right....spurs have always been noted for playing attacking football and ball skills.....yeh i remember tommy....he didn't get the loyalty he deserved....he was brilliant....but his face didn't fit....yes my my body is far away but my heart is trapped at WHL....di canio was superb too....it seems most of the artistes are foreigners now...how about you?....how long have been supporting the rollercaster team?r

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    • Hi Derek, I started going down the lane in 57/58 season. Used to go with my eldest brother, carrying an orange crate. Stood behind the Paxton road goal area. On really busy games I used to get passed over the top of the crowd and we were allowed to sit against the wall. So I too had the joys of the double winning side.
      I moved out of London in 1971, haven't made many visits since the early 80's. Last time was the Roma friendly pre-season. That game promised so much!!!
      Where abouts in Lincolnshire are you. I live in the Boston area myself.